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Ace Hardware, Trail Laundry, True Value & Mead Lumber Ownership Should Be On Alert.....

Discussion in 'Dodge City & Ford County Politics' started by THE COMMANDER, Jul 21, 2017.


    THE COMMANDER Gold Member

    With all the fanfare of the Star Bond district being created around the Boot Hill area and in the DCCC area, something seems to be glossed over which I think the folks need to made aware.

    If the Star Bond initiative is successful up north with the acquisition of the DCCC property and the construction of Sutherlands. One thing in particular will happen if historical trends are any indication.

    Enter ACE Hardware and Trail Street Laundry. These veteran Dodge City businesses have been pressured by the City of Dodge and the now-infamous Dodge City Chamber of Commerce to 'get out' of their precious Star Bond district so that they can move in more useless hotels and whatnot.

    I have spoken to the Dodge City Coop executives who own the local ACE franchise. The bottom line is they are comfortable in their location. They occupy a central area of town that does not have hardware stores and is accessible. The amount they have been offered to move has not been adequate in order to buy new highly expensive commercial property and to build a brand new super expensive facility.

    The same goes for Trail Laundry. They simply cannot afford just to uproot and move to some new location. Other laundries are in all the other areas of town and Trail Laundry is situated in a prime locale. It just wouldn't pay to move.

    The City and the Chamber of Commerce would seem to beg to differ with these veteran sales tax contributors to Dodge City.

    Now the real plot becomes apparent. With the insidious acquisition of DCCC property and the construction of this new hardware store, it would seem to indicate they intend to force ACE out by attrition. Indeed, those who are pulling the strings would seem to want to force ACE out of business because if history can be a teacher, any time these huge corporate hardware stores like Home Depot, Lowes, or Menards (Sutherlands by extension) then these smaller businesses struggle and eventually go belly up.

    If this plan comes to fruition, then all the City and Chamber has to worry about is the little pesky locally-owned laundry-mat which could easily be vacated with imminent domain laws.

    Once Ace falls, then it makes good business sense to predict that Mead Lumber and True Value will also falter. These businesses are all members of this crooked Dodge City Chamber of Commerce mind you. Veteran businesses who have remained loyal to Dodge City for decades. Yet, their successful business would not seem to add up to much in the light of this huge new 'big box' store. So, sacrifice valuable public property at DCCC to build a corporate-owned business but in the end, possibly 4 businesses will be forced out. Does this make any sense? Will the loss of sales tax revenue be easily recouped with only Sutherlands? Or will Sutherlands go belly up too in the end? One does wonder about these all-too-real possibilities. I am not convinced that sacrificing ACE Hardware, Mead Lumber, True Value, and Trail Laundry is worth the high price of this 'Big Box' monstrosity.

    Those living in Dodge long enough will remember when Walmart finally moved in. All the locally owned businesses downtown began to shutter and the Village Square Mall (now being discussed in another thread) began to disintegrate as well.

    Lean from history, connect the dots. Its very obvious and it spells corruption at the highest echelons of city (mis)management.
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  2. Daredevil

    Daredevil Well-Known Member

    Really this is part of the sham the chamber puts on. If you add a new business in the same area giving it corporate welfare then that business has an advantage. The hard working businesses that had to take real chances and sacrifice are injured and lost despite what they put into the community. The net increase for the new hardware store will cumulatively be none existent when all the businesses from the old stores are added together and compared to the new total. The jobs gained after the loss of the others will be negligible and part time jobs without businesses. They can't stop with just hurting the local business community of whom they represent, they have to involve the college and to get them to sell land at 3.1 acres for 550dollars. That is not close to value and gives the city a precedent to take future lands at absurd costs at the cost to the college. Still that is not the complete lie. They actually do not have all the businesses lined up as Tieben has said. To do that they will have to make other deals with greater sweeteners for part time jobs and that may hurt local business. I can see something like Dillons going in that would have to circumvent alcohol laws, and bring in pitiful minimum wage part time workers that make Wal Mart look generous. Furthermore, groceries will not create significant higher sales tax revenue when compared to cumulative sales. The last part is ironic because it is the difference in taxable revenue that pays off the Star Bonds.

    On a lighter note great to hear from you Commander. Your voice on this board has been missed.
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  3. whatever

    whatever Well-Known Member

    We are cutting our pie into smaller pieces. We need to make the pie bigger. Part time minimum wage jobs won't bring people to town. Just ask retailers in Garden City trying to find help.
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  4. DCSniper

    DCSniper Well-Known Member

    But it keeps the populace dependent on the government.
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  5. Sanfran80

    Sanfran80 Member

  6. Sanfran80

    Sanfran80 Member

    Commander your quote on debt have you research the debt that Woodburn put our community college into??? I would like to see your facts not your thoughts!!!!
  7. Sunnyday

    Sunnyday Active Member

    .......and you believe that selling prime land for $550 is a credible solution. You seem to forget it was a majority of this board who approved all those expenditures of Woodburns!! They seem to think they work for the president of DCCC no matter who it is instead of the taxpayers of this county!!
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  8. empires228

    empires228 Well-Known Member

    The problem in GC is that no one is actually hiring unless you want to work for 15 hours a week at minimum, overnights, or unless you can speak fluent Spanish. I called nearly every store in town and that's the only position that was open. Dillons even had a giant hiring fair for both stores and only hired seven people between the two stores out of around a hundred who showed up according to a friend who is a department managers. I had been one of those seven, but despite years of retail experience, they were only offering 15 hours a week a minimum wage.

    I'll just go though the list:

    Target and Staples told me that I'm overqualified.

    Rue21, Ross, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General, TjMaxx, and Buckle thanked me for expressing interest, but said that they couldn't hire me because I'm not bilingual.

    Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, ACE, Harbor Freight, Dick's, and Orschelns all told me that they had no open positions and recommended that I call back in a month.

    Menards was only looking for stockroom people and gave me the runaround on scheduling an interview.

    Walmart and Sam's told me that they're mainly hiring for overnight positions.

    There was never anyone at JCPenney for me to talk to.

    Petco was only hiring for Thursday and Friday evenings, which are two of the four shifts I cannot work.

    and I refused to even ask Sears because of previous experiences with the company. I wasn't surprised when the Garden City, Overland Park, and Salina stores made the list between January and now because it is harder to find a worse place to work for then Sears Holdings Corporation. This leaves two Sears and four Kmart stores in the state with the entire company poised to go under before 2018. The Hometown and Outlet division is a separate company that was spun off years ago from the full line stores, but stock reports indicate that they're also hemorrhaging money and wont be around for much longer either.

    I ended up getting hired at another company in town along with two other people my age. They were hiring two people for my position and the other would be in a different part of the store. The young woman who they hired to work in the same position that I was hired for was fired within seven days because they were an hour late twice and missed three days, which put her over the attendance policy and got her fired. Rather than replace her, they decided to eliminate the position and haven't interviewed or accepted applications for my department. Now they're frantic about doing something to fill a position because August is coming up quickly and two of my coworkers are reducing their hours dramatically for school, and I'm outright moving.

    The new DFA plant in GC hasn't had nearly a hard of a time finding employees as the retail stores that whine on the Wichita news because A. They're actually hiring, and B. they're not requiring bilingual or only offering 15 hours a week at minimum.
  9. ChooPaKaToo

    ChooPaKaToo Senior Member

    That's a huge problem everywhere.. No one wants to hire full time employees. 15-25 hours a week, and we'll "call you" if we need you to help fill in hours. It's not enough to make a living. Businesses would rather have 400 employees at 15 hours each instead of 15 solid employees at 40 hours each. I don't get it.. and most people don't stick around past training, if they even get that far!!!
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    THE COMMANDER Gold Member

    Empire228 you bring up some interesting points about Garden.

    The bottom line is if you are looking for consumerism, look to Garden. Garden City beat Dodge City to the finish line on that one. They got it now and its not going away. There are many factors involved with their success but I doubt that Dodge shares any of those to the degree that it will out-do Garden.

    So here comes this massive corporate welfare scheme to canabolize the DCCC property and built this lumberyard.

    Let me tell you what. Dodge City can't support it. Its a historical fact.

    Look to Office Depot. It went belly up. They closed the south Dillons store. That mattress store next to Hobby Lobby went belly up. Hell, even the sole entertainment store in Dodge City, Hastings went bankrupt. Lets us not even mention the disheveled mess the Village Squalid Mall is in. If it wasn't for that movie theater and JC Penny's, it would make the perfect place for this illustrious lumberyard.

    Furthermore, Dodge can't get that strip mall build across the street from Tacos Jaliscos. Nobody wants to move in.

    Dodge can't even get all the apartments rented out to the brand spanking new office building across the street from HR Block.

    Furthermore and to add icing on this rancid cake; look no further than to that goddamned casino/special events center.

    We were sold on this plan that they would build this huge entertainment/commercial up that would surround that casino. Nothing.

    They can't even schedule regular shows as promised with that multi-million dollar special events money waster.

    Do I need to go any further?

    Dodge City has a limited financial pie and that pie has been cut to is maximum. Any more cutting and businesses close. If that Sutherlands lumberyard is built, either they will implode or all of the nice stores which provide proper employment for Dodge City people will go belly up.

    And we will have Reeves, Conant, Harshberger, and Ramsour to thank for it.

    Get it through your heads gang, Dodge City is a small town and it has limited business choices. Get used to it. Its the way its going to be. You want more, Garden City has it covered but it is financially foolish to believe that Dodge City can match that. It just isn't going to happen and we should destroy our college to prove it.
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  11. Sunnyday

    Sunnyday Active Member

    Unfortunately, they do that to avoid having to pay benefits. Hurts everyone!!
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  12. Daredevil

    Daredevil Well-Known Member

    The effect of online purchases makes retail especially fledgling retail much harder to be successful in. Some hardware items can even be purchased online now, and Menard's will still beat our new lumbar store.
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  13. empires228

    empires228 Well-Known Member

    Well, there are some worrisome signs happening in GC. For one, GC has lost DEB, and Vanity to national bankruptcies, and DEB is still sitting there vacant several years later. Payless and Rue 21 could go under any day now, which would leave two more vacancies in Dodge and Garden, Sears in GC is closing, but to be fair, the entire chain is supposedly going to be gone by next spring, the GC Target hasn't received any of the new updates that have been showing up at the majority of the chains other stores, including Salina (fun fact, The Salina, Hutch, and Garden Target stores are the same size and were opened the same year. GC and Salina on the same day), and the GC JCPenney and Stage stores were NOT renovated (Stage fixed their crumbling sign as it was mounted onto of both the Ben Franklin and Anthony's signs and they weren't in good shape, and they patched plaster that was peeling off the walls in the Penney's half of the store) when the chains renovated nearly every store in their fleet over the past 10 years. The JCP in Dodge may have lost the salon, but it was still renovated while the GC store still has it's 1984 decor. The manager of the store says the store makes money, but doesn't have any hope because Hays and Dodge get quite a bit more attention than GC and Liberal, despite GC being the second most profitable store in the area after Hays.

    GC's retail future seems to be anchored in Menards, Home Depot, Ross, TjMaxx, Walmart, and Sam's. I don't know if you've ever been in the GC Dillons, but the east store is gross and never has anything in stock, and the west store has items in stock, but it smells bad, the ceiling looks like someone smeared grease all over it, and Kroger stopped renovating the store after painting the walls to (direct quote I was given) "focus all of our attention on renovating the Vine Street store in Hays." The Walmart Neighborhood Market in Garden isn't living up to expectations, but neither are Liberal and Derby. The Supercenter on the other hand is one of the higher performing stores in the district. I wont repeat what I know about how sketchy the Ross in Garden is in detail on here because I don't want to get anyone in trouble. Ross would easily be able to identify the employees if I posted too much because they all filed claims with the BBB. I will not set foot in there after knowing how they hire thugs for management who have been arrested for threatening employees with physical violence and employees aren't being paid for hours worked because their time sheets magically get altered or go missing. I know the Ross portion sounds sketchy, rumor based, and like a conspiracy theory, but I knew the person who called in the manger for threats and a family member was a witness to one of the people who filed charges with the BBB over missing wages.
    Last edited: Jul 29, 2017
  14. ChooPaKaToo

    ChooPaKaToo Senior Member

    Oh I know, boy do I know. Corporate America is great if you're in the 40 hour a week job.. you're the 10% in the store.. everyone else is lucky to get 28 hours a week on average... no way you're gonna get off the welfare system with that.
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