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Cletus Ricke Benefit Night - 05/08/2009 @ Last Pocket, Dodge City

Discussion in 'Upcoming Affairs' started by Monster, May 2, 2009.

  1. Monster

    Monster Senior Member

    Cletus Ricke Benefit Night

    Friday 8th May 2009 @ Last Pocket, Dodge City

    Please come and join us at Last Pocket in Dodge City on Friday 8th May 2009 for a night of fun in aid of our good friend, Cletus Ricke.

    As I’m sure you know Cletus is currently in St Francis Hospital in Wichita undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia. To help our friend with his medical expenses we have organized a fun night, where all proceeds will go directly into the fund to help Cletus & his family pay medical bills.

    Originally we had planned to have a big darts tournament (darts are one of Cletus’s passions), but once the word started going out we realized that there are MANY MANY more of Cletus’s friends that want to help out, not just those in the darts league!

    So, during the fun night we will have:
    - $10 entry random draw for your partner dart tournament (4 dart boards in play)
    - 5 x pool tables for your enjoyment
    - Door prizes
    - Silent auction (from 8pm to 10pm) with various lots to bid on;
    “Let’s go racing” – donated by Ed Beckley at DCRP
    “Dart night” – full size dart case, complete with dart supplies
    “Backyard BBQ” – full box of ground beef (donated by National Beef) + supplies
    Many more to choose from!

    Please remember, it’s just for fun and all proceeds will go directly to Cletus. So please come along and join us. You don’t have to be good at darts or pool to participate in any of the events, just come along to have a good time and show your support for our good friend Cletus.

    For more info please contact Sharon Erickson @ 620-682-5090
  2. Made in the USA

    Made in the USA Gold Member

    Monster, where is "Last Pocket"?
  3. TexKan

    TexKan New Member

    Is it still at the far east end of the strip that Lotus Garden is in? They make good drinks!
  4. Jolly Rancher

    Jolly Rancher Senior Member

    Can't get in unless you are a member :tired:
  5. Northstar

    Northstar Well-Known Member

    Last Pocket

    Or know someone who will claim you as a guest, pastey.
  6. Jolly Rancher

    Jolly Rancher Senior Member

  7. Monster

    Monster Senior Member

    Yes, it is in the same strip as Lotus Gardens, at the east end of the strip.

    You can get in Friday, member or no.
  8. Monster

    Monster Senior Member

    Some more info on this.

    First, Kirby Meats have donated a box of hamburger patties, and Jeff from Heartland has been kind enough to donate a whole load of buns, so we'll be grilling some burgers!

    Secondly, we have had many many more donations from local businesses, and have LOTS of prizes to auction off.

    Also, I wanted to tell about 2 specific items that have been donated to us by Shea Ricke at Ricke Racing.
    The first is a 1:24 scale model of J.J.Yeley's #11 Old Spice 2005 Midget Extreme. This car has been personally signed by J.J. himself!
    The second is a 1:24 scale model of Tony Stewart's #20 Home Depot 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix. This car has also been personally signed by Tony Stewart himself, and comes complete with a display case!
    Shea was present as both of these cars were personally signed by the drivers, so can vouch for their authenticity.

    Thanks to Ricke Racing, both of these items will be in the silent auction on Friday night :)

    PS: Sorry for my crap picture taking skills, my pictures really don't do these items justice.

    Attached Files:

  9. Monster

    Monster Senior Member

    On behalf of Cletus, Traza and the entire Ricke family, heartfelt thanks to those who attended the benefit night on Friday and participated in the events in aid of our friend Cletus.

    Through a combination of the Darts Tournament, Silent Auction, Live Auction, Raffle Tickets and donations we were able to raise a total of $3,000 for Cletus and his family.

    Thank you also to EVERYONE who donated prizes, money, time and effort into making this event happen.

    Below is a list of just some of the people who made this possible with their generosity. The list is in no particular order, and is by no means comprehensive; there are so many people who deserve thanks we could take up whole reams of paper! So if your name isn’t here, please accept my apologies, but know that your help was both invaluable and appreciated.

    Kenny Burkhart
    Area Mental Health Center
    All 4 Fun
    Nature’s Corner
    National Beef
    Ricke Racing
    Gary & Jeani Baker
    Sharon Erickson
    Mandy Powell
    Joel Redman
    “Omaha” Lee Baldridge
    Bell & Carlson
    Hanson Amusements
    Ed Beckley & Dodge City Raceway Park
    Johnny Martinez & House Of Beauty
    Angela Peterson & Fierce Hair Studio
    Ricke Photography
    NAPA Auto Parts
    Doug & Tina Giebler
    The Locke Shop
    Mingo Lingo Designs
    Charles & Jamie Erickson
    Kirby Meats
    Charolett & John Murrow
    Justin Schulte
    John Williams & Last Pocket
    Annie Peters
    Scott Messino
    Burtis Motors
    Deana Leterle & Design Team Salon
    Blockbuster Video
    Yolanda & Curtis Powell
    Laura Hageman
    Central Station Bar & Grill
    Genes Heartland Foods
    Fugarwees Last Chance Saloon
    Body & Soul
    Idocs Of Dodge City
    Charla Allen & Regis Hair Salon
    Rob Tasset
    Juanita Encinias
    Teresa Milburn
    Sarah Toole
    Eric Hamilton
  10. doc holliday

    doc holliday Active Member

    Thanks for the update on what was raised.

    Monster, thanks for all you did too! The Mrs. and I were there and it was a good time for a good cause. Let us know if and when there is anything else planned to help our friend Cletus.
  11. Tee

    Tee Gold Member

    Any recent news on how Cletus is doing?
  12. Monster

    Monster Senior Member

    Well, funnily enough, I have an update as of Tuesday this week.

    I went to see him on Friday and he was in good spirits. On the previous Wednesday he had just finished round 2 of chemo, and before I got there had had another bone marrow test.

    The test results came back on Tuesday, and the doctors seem pretty confident that they've got it licked! :)

    They are going to keep him in for another week to 10 days, and will continually test him, but assuming there are no further problems he should be home in 2-3 weeks. Then they'll schedule him asap for a bone marrow transplant.

    Fantastic news !

    Also, I know that Kris Moore organized a lot of events at the racetrack this weekend, and raised another $3,000 or so for the medical fund, so my/our/Cletus's thanks to him :)

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