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Criminal Allegations Against Dccc Administrators

Discussion in 'USD 443 and DCCC' started by anonmaly, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. anonmaly

    anonmaly New Member

    Multiple local news agencies reporting on this:




    According to a spokesperson from the school, during the fall semester of 2016, the school’s auditors mentioned the number of guns and amount of ammunition the school had purchased. After further inquiry by the administration, questions were raised concerning the purchase and use of guns and ammunition as well as other expenditures and equipment.

    As a result, the Board of Trustees retained independent attorney Allen Glendenning to investigate. Through Glendenning’s investigation the following issues were uncovered:

    Gun related equipment delivered directly to the home of a college administrator, its receipt was not reported to appropriate college personnel and it was not used for any college purpose;

    A college administrator given additional pay to teach a guided studies course for which he was not qualified;

    The wife of a college administrator was hired as an adjunct instructor to teach a guided studies course for which she was not qualified;

    A College administrator created questionable certification for an adjunct instructor, had them signed by a college instructor and submitted them for inclusion in the college records of faculty qualifications.
  2. anonmaly

    anonmaly New Member

    Dodge Globe is reporting as well:

    After an executive session, the board of trustees also released a report showing a former DCCC administrator may soon face criminal charges.

    DCCC auditors mentioned the number of guns and ammunition the college purchased. During an inquiry by the board, more issues were uncovered and the board hired Great Bend attorney Allen Glendenning to investigate.

  3. Coffeedeux

    Coffeedeux Well-Known Member

    Wow, explosive!
  4. Jafo

    Jafo Well-Known Member

    So who is it suppose to be?
  5. anonmaly

    anonmaly New Member

  6. Daredevil

    Daredevil Well-Known Member

    When the charges are really broken down I am thinking it will be less than explosive and more of a mechanism to help place Anny illum and others as an image for what is wrong at the college. I am trying to figure out what criminal allegations could come from nepotism, and Adam John determining someone is not credentialed for a class. He has apparently done that with the vast majority of faculty for whole programs or individual classes I finally went to the accreditation website and it looks like especially with tech his interpretations are extremely incorrect. He also looks to have misapplied that in other cases not being reasonable with what would be sound credentials from what I have heard. I am unclear on what charge you could get even then criminally unless there are truly fraudulent credentials, and in the tech area there is a lot of leeway. Plus the requirements have changed with time. All I have heard about the gun allegations is it is not a bunch of guns and ammunition but a single scope that came to Gillum's house. When I asked people why it sounded reasonable that it could be damaged in handling. The receipt issue seems to be over that one scope which they had in one area of the college but not another. I am quite confused how this would be criminal wrongdoing. If any were it would be at a state for the education charges or a federal level for the guns from the little I can interpret, and I am not a lawyer. That leaves me confused as to why you would dump it to the county attorney. Unless there is something far beyounfd the printed allegations based on the results that are rumored and these are rumored I am not understanding what is going on other than a waste of taxpayer money and deflecting from the issues of selling the college land, treatment of students, and treatment of faculty and staff. That has been documented in the vote of no confidence and the nursing students complaints that were not addressed until the culprits were caught on recordings.
  7. Coffeedeux

    Coffeedeux Well-Known Member

    If something criminal has occurred, the county attorney is the prosecutor so who else would you give it to? They would determine if charges should be filed.

    If you have an administrator engaged in criminal conduct, wouldn't you want that to be addressed? Or are you saying that because you like the administrator charges shouldn't be filed?

    You say it's creating a distraction from other issues. If an administrators engaged in criminal activity and the college say on their hands and did nothing about it, wouldn't you be the first to criticize the college?
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  8. Jean Earl

    Jean Earl Member

  9. Jean Earl

    Jean Earl Member

  10. Thinkingaboutit

    Thinkingaboutit New Member

    If authentic, the Guided Studies issues constitute fraud. The students who completed the coursework aren't eligible for college credit. So transfer athletes could be immediately ineligible. Of more financial importance is the probability that students received financial aid for those courses. If the Feds audit, and it's true, DC3 will owe all that awarded money back to the Feds and could also be fined.

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  11. anonmaly

    anonmaly New Member

    KSN posted a new report about the investigation, video and full report here:


    It all began with a routine audit last fall.

    “There was equipment purchased which was delivered to an administrator’s home,” said Morris Reeves, DCCC Trustee Chair.

    Gun-related equipment was charged to the college but was not put to college use. Reeves declined to say how much college money was used for these purchases.

    “It was significant, and that’s about as much as I can tell you at this point in time,” explained Reeves.

    What the audit uncovered convinced the Board of Trustees to hire an independent attorney to investigate. He found that an administrator’s wife was hired to teach a class she was not qualified to teach and that an administrator created false qualifications for an adjunct professor.

    “I think there was a violation of district policy regarding nepotism and conflict of interest,” said Reeves.

    Reeves said he could not disclose if the false qualifications and the unqualified wife of an administrator are directly related. The investigation has been turned over to the county attorney to decide if any criminal charges are warranted. In the meantime, Reeves is frustrated that he can’t be more transparent.

    “The public has a right to this information,” said Reeves. “It’s tax dollars that is paying for it. It’s their college, and they need to know.”+

    Reeves also pointed out another problem that the investigation uncovered. He said multiple administrators were found to also be teaching guided studies courses against college policy. He explained that these employees were making six figures to perform one job but were receiving an extra $20,000-$30,000.
  12. DCSniper

    DCSniper Well-Known Member

    More lies by Reeves.

    The equipment in question is a night vision spotting scope and 2 range finders. All of which the college has in their possession. The spotting scope was purchased for on campus drug monitoring purposes and the range finders were used by the Criminal Justice programs firearms courses. The items were delivered to the house because in the past packages had either been damaged upon delivery to the appropriate department or were delayed.

    The wife of the administrator in question absolutely had the qualifications to teach the guided study courses. So much in that the president himself requested that she keep teaching the courses!!

    Reeves is correct in referring to a college policy that prohibits administrators from teaching guided studies courses but that was put into place back when President Woodburn was at DCCC and all administrators ceased teaching guided studies at that point.
    Last edited: Jul 21, 2017
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  13. anonmaly

    anonmaly New Member

    Interesting info. I will say I think the audit should of been made available to the public and the administrator(s) in question should of had the opportunity to publicly defend themselves instead of it creating speculation about what did or didn't happen. I hope the county attorney will make an impartial decision based on facts and present findings publicly.

    On another note, there needs to be additional audit on Nolte and Adam John for their spoils/buddy system they have set up at DCCC. The nursing ordeal among other events seems to indicate a pattern that it's not the students they are working for, but for their own interests and stamping out opposition.

    This college needs to be more accountable to the taxpayers and the students. When voting for new board members, keep that in mind but also be aware of those who are running who have spouses and relatives on staff and how that creates conflicts of interest in managing it properly. We don't need nepotism or buddy systems on either side or at any level.
  14. Daredevil

    Daredevil Well-Known Member

    Even if Reeves is correct 1 if it was ended then no problem, and 2. If not the board approved administrators teaching those courses and getting paid because that is always in a board packet and the board is culpable. The last part would be that this would still not be criminal so why pass that on to the county attorney.

    The guns, ammunition, and scopes were also approved by the board or someone would have had to pay it out of pocket. If that is the case either way no criminal charges.

    This is to dirty the waters and make some of the President and Adam John's ad ions look to be reasonable. They are not they are cruel with intent to hurt. Remember Gillum also left his position as county commissioner. It was a service that brought in a small amount of money and has a KPERS portion. The president told him he had to leave that position then fired him. This effects when and how much Gillum's retirement will be, and left him out of the public eye. He is not content with just hurting the innocent, he tries to leave them helpless. This does not end with just employees but students. As has been stated in previous posts.
  15. Daredevil

    Daredevil Well-Known Member

    PS when does Reeves tell the truth on important issues? It is not often unless it complements his agenda. If not he makes up a statement and sticks with the lie. He treats the public as if they are stupid, and if they reelect him they are. He lied about the FHSU vote when Conant snuck it on at the last second as an action item. He kept trying to present it as an exploration but in a public hearing stated 6 times or more essentially the same motion to be voted on.
    He accepts the President's data and when it is contradicted refuses to accept the other side and explore it honestly. When the President gets a vote of no confidence he pretends with Conant that they have done a report exploring the accusations. That was untrue and it came out it was the President and his committee he explored it and found it had no merit. In other news I have never sped or tried to beat a yellow light I had a committee of my wife and nephews and nieces and we all agreed. Finally he signed some weird idea about non harmful statements by both sides with Gillum which he never had any intent in keeping, but could be used to keep Gillum from telling the truth until they could concoct a pretense to prevent him from telling the truth.
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  16. Coffeedeux

    Coffeedeux Well-Known Member

    You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Don't you think the investigation proved she wasn't qualified?
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  17. Coffeedeux

    Coffeedeux Well-Known Member

    There is obviously more within the investigation that led to possible criminal charges. Again, if the evidence is there and the board didn't turn it over for possible prosecution, you'd be all over the board for not doing their job.
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  18. Coffeedeux

    Coffeedeux Well-Known Member

    It appears to be getting worse for Gillum. Misuse of federal grants? Ouchie!
  19. Old Guard

    Old Guard Member

    Dan Gilum done nothing but good at the college. I read the newspaper about it. Looks to me like after you sort out the lawyers talking about each other Dan didn't do nothing. Said in the paper he had all the stuff approved by the college. He didn't take nothing. College is out to get him. College should have to pay if it gave the Ok.
  20. Coffeedeux

    Coffeedeux Well-Known Member

    Read again, it says he was the administrator in charge. It sounds like he has already admitted to everything, but I don't know for sure. So he done wrong it sounds like.

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