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Dccc Don Woodburn Needs At Least $7.5 Million For Indoor Football Dome!!!! Bocce Balls!!!!

Discussion in 'USD 443 and DCCC' started by THE COMMANDER, Sep 3, 2013.



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    THE COMMANDER Gold Member

    Don Woodburn, president at Dodge City Community College has jumped off the cliff and landed himself into the convalescent home. His brainchild is to build this gargantuan indoor football practice field. I was curious about how much things were going to cost and I was able to find a construction manager at-risk request. I am shocked and had to inform the rest of you for your thoughts.

    In the published project description, DCCC officials conservatively estimate the dome will cost around $7.5 Million to build.

    Let me tell you something, that is a lot of property taxes. Not only to construct it but the maintenance costs for years to come have not even been calculated.

    The current DC3 facilities are good enough. People are taxed to the teeth and the far-reaching consequences of mindless spending has begun to take its toll. Otherwise interested businesses and industries are skipping Dodge City in favor of Garden City due to Garden's lack of 'public tax liabilities'. This is in contrast to Dodge who keeps building facilities which the community cannot afford as taxes skyrocket in proportion.

    If Don Woodburn has his way, it will damage Dodge City greatly. And the tax payers will be left with his monstrous bill. I find that hardly fair considering the harsh economic climate we find ourselves in.

    A few years ago, USD 443 was pushing Dodge City to vote approval for yet another multimillion dollar school. Dodgeboard members came out en masse with a campaign to 'vote no' to higher taxes.

    This will need to happen again if we are to succeed in preventing these out of touch college administrators from further destroying Dodge City's chances of a low tax community.

    Most Dodge City people are unaware of these issues. They haven't considered the far-reaching ramifications of things. They just compliantly pay their taxes, trusting the 'authorities' have their best interests at heart. Well I am sorry to say but they do NOT have the best interests of Dodge City taxpayers at heart. In fact, they think of us as some kind of magical cash cow that has infinite income and a limitless ability to work while not being able to save anything for a rainy day.

    I believe those of us on Dodgeboard.com are different. We care about our community and we care about the damages these fools are wreaking on us all. We are willing to do what it takes to take our town back from these basterds.

    It will be up to us to annihilate their wasteful ambitions and to restore Dodge to a frugal community which allows its people to keep what it earns instead of stealing it from them in the form of high taxes and wasting it on things that are completely unnecessary. We have no choice because if they are allowed to continue as planned, we will be literally buried in an avalanche of public debt from which there is no escape.

    Incidentally, I lifted the names of the foundation members from the DC3 site. Keep in mind, this 'Foundation Board' is NOT elected. How did they get on this board? Kissing ass? Brownie points system? Sounds like the usual Dodge City Good Ol' Boys Club corruption.


    Foundation Board
    • Duane Ross - President
    • Althea White - Vice President
    • Vada Hermon - Treasurer
    • Roger Proffitt - Secretary
    • Alan Cunningham
    • Ben Zimmerman III
    • Merle Kaufman
    • Dr. Merrill Conant
    • Jim Coffin
    • Floris Jean Hampton
    • Dr. Don Woodburn
    • Steve Nufer

    Question 1: Why is Ben Zimmerman III on here? He is the owner of Fidelity State Bank. Does that bank plan on issuing loans to finance this? Can anyone spell conflict of interests? Zimmerman is not the only one. Other bankers in Dodge were also sent this. Why all the bankers? Obvious. These banks are investing in the project because of the thousands of dollars in interest payments their banks will get from it. All at the public's expense of course.

    Question 2: Why is Jim Coffin on this board? He is the owner of JAG Concrete. They will be selling the concrete to build this Dome. Again, can anyone spell conflict of interests?

    When you look at the en mass email from Roger Proffitt, you clearly see it is addressed to some of the wealthiest individuals in Dodge City. People who have this vested liberal interest in expanding taxation and public debt in Dodge City. Not one person is an 'Average Joe' as I like to call them; citizens like you and me who are battling just to stay afloat in this recession economy.

    Many of the current trustees and the USD 443 superintendent are on the foundation as well. Aren't they supposed to be a neutral party and only subservient to the wishes of the current elected boards? As it is, it would seem these hired administrators are steering board policy instead of the other way around. This is wrong.


    The bottom line is DCCC and USD 443 board members are working in collusion to bring this Dome project to fruition. These same wealthy people clearly have a vested interest in this project most likely because their own businesses will profit greatly from the Dome's completion; all at the public's expense. These board members do not have the best interests of Dodge City citizens at heart. They just want to tax and tax and continue to tax without end. The people in town have had enough. There is no more money to go around anymore. People are broke and it is time for DCCC to start cutting back as well.

    Reducing spending and lowering taxes is the only guaranteed way of improving the economy. It is no longer an option. It is demanded. These people think they can snowball us taxpayers my mortgaging this for decades to come; milking us dry of tax dollars that would otherwise be ours to keep. It is our money after all. It is up to us to make sure they don't get away with this highway robbery.


    Roger Proffitt Email.jpg
  2. Justoo

    Justoo Well-Known Member

    $7.5 million tax dollars? They should follow FHSU's lead. Donations, not taxes. Let those who can easily afford it pay for luxuries. FHSU only spent $4 million for a quality building. Why would a community college need a better facility than a regent college? http://foundation.fhsu.edu/support_program/indoor_training/
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    THE COMMANDER Gold Member

    Great point. I did some checking.

    Do you realize that the mighty University of Kansas and Kansas State University do not even have sports dome special event centers?

    If KU and KSU doesn't have it, why does DC3?
  4. sunshine

    sunshine Gold Member

    hmmm. how can a college or its president justify new construction for a football program that hasn't been successful since......forever???? oh, that's right--they can't. this is totally ridiculous!!!!

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  5. ChooPaKaToo

    ChooPaKaToo Senior Member

    Oh but c'mon it's something other people don't have, like a casino, a race track, and an Arena. Those things clearly have made the community TOTALLY successful. :truestory:
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  6. Kodiak

    Kodiak Well-Known Member

    But now they have an arguing point to support all these needs. There football team beat #7 in the nation. Yeah right. Argue all you want, its still a community daycare.

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    THE COMMANDER Gold Member

    Look what the college was so busy working this summer.....


    So now they want even more!!!!
  8. RockChalkJayhawk

    RockChalkJayhawk Member

    Commander, I think you have your facts all out of wack. 1st of all, they aren't building a football dome, it's an activity center with a basketball/volleyball gym with retractable seating, an indoor SOCCER field not a football field as opposed to your interpretation of the layout of the facility. It will also have a climbing wall, a walking track, a theater for the football team to watch film, hold movies on campus, etc. It's going to be a much needed student center on campus and should get intermurals up and running on the campus. They'll be able to play basketball games on campus which if you've ever been out to see a game at the UWA, you know that atmosphere isn't working.

    Secondly, the DCCC Foundation is raising DONATIONS for the facility so tax payers won't have to float this facility. Read the paper, listen to the reports on the facility on Channel 8, don't jump to conclusions.
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  9. Gypsy

    Gypsy Well-Known Member

    I did listen to channel 8 and it sounded as though there are 2 sources they're looking at for the money and one of them is Ford County and the City of Dodge City the other was identified by their initials, which I am sure they said who/what it was but I didn't hear it clearly.
    They wanted to take a vote on it but didn't. I think it was because the funding was not settled and some of the people thought that the vote would be premature. I had difficulty following it as I'm not that up on it but from what I heard it seemed that Dodge City and Ford County were still considered as possible backers. One thing they said was that if they went with the other possibility the college would have to sign for the obligation. I'm sure the meeting will be on again so keep watching channel 8 if I misunderstood it, correct me. It won't hurt my feelings I'd like to know who will be paying for this.
  10. ChooPaKaToo

    ChooPaKaToo Senior Member

    To be a devil's advocate, Football is Soccer in the European Community. :lulz:
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  11. Justoo

    Justoo Well-Known Member

    To be a stickler, soccer is football in the European Community. And South of USA.:pirate:
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  12. ChooPaKaToo

    ChooPaKaToo Senior Member


    THE COMMANDER Gold Member

    RockChalkJayhawk gives a great description of this facility's many amenities.

    I guaranteed you the DCCC football team will be practicing on the indoor field just as I am sure the soccer teams will be practicing on it as well. God forbid our athletes on scholarship should have to play in any incremental weather. They would have to wear some sweat pants and a wind breaker and we don't want that!

    I mean really. What is cheaper? Cold weather clothing for the athletes, or a multimillion dollar building?

    Again KU and K-State don't even have such outlandish facilities, so why does DC3?

    I am sure the administration of DCCC wants this building. But they certainly don't need it in the least.

    People need to start wising up to the grotesque financial situation this community is enamored in. I guarantee you, property taxes will be used to maintain this facility. I guarantee it. Don't be snowballed by crafty public relations people. Look at everything else in this community that was built. Property tax dollars inevitably pay for it all and property taxes will go up to compensate.

    I also guarantee you, if the City of Dodge City and Ford County Commissions back this ponze scheme to pad certain key individuals back pocket with extra green paper, there will be a political backlash unprecedented in Dodge City history.

    This town can't keep taking it. All business is moving to Garden due to high taxes and a never ending project list of public tax liabilities.

    Do you want to destroy Dodge City? Then build the DCCC Football Dome.

    It will just be unfair to the local community who has to work even harder so the government can steal more of their money; for a fugging football dome.
  14. old gambler

    old gambler Member

    Football team looks good and is winning... heard a "rumor" that new head coach came with a felony conviction?
  15. MrGreenJeans

    MrGreenJeans Gold Member

    Considering Dodge City is 75% hispanic, it is a football field... :problemo:
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    THE COMMANDER Gold Member

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  17. george77

    george77 Active Member

    One year ago DCCC Board planned to finance their Dome mainly with fundraising. In yesterday Globe, Mr Proffit said that they would pay now for it with the industrial revenue bonds,(with FEMA half a million grant, they raised $900000 in pledges).
    So, I am interested to know how they will pay for the bonds repayment and the maintenance and additional staff for running Dome. My guess is extra $800000 to 1 M in DCCC expense budget for next 20 years.
    So, how are they going to pay for that?
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  18. Tee

    Tee Gold Member

    I always find it interesting when those in charge of other peoples money say we can have new stuff with money from thin air. The people whose money is eventually used continue to fall for it, time and time again.
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    THE COMMANDER Gold Member

    We are going to have to shut their ass down. The community cannot afford this kind of financial burden as it is. Can you imagine them pushing this crap on us all?

    This is as much of a danger as USD443 trying to build another middle school or high school.

    There just isn't an economic need that would pay itself back for building a multimillion dollar indoor football/soccer facility. There is no justification for this kind of expense. There just isn't.

    Again, KU and K State don't even have facilities like this. Why does DC3?

    DC3 Trustees are you listening? Back off now before it is too late.

    THE COMMANDER Gold Member

    For starters. They will probably increase the 'Incidental Fees' substantially.

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