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Dccc Trustee's Policing Themselves

Discussion in 'USD 443 and DCCC' started by DCSniper, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. DCSniper

    DCSniper Well-Known Member

    Did we really expect anything different? There have been several resignations within the faculty in the last couple weeks and no doubt we will be getting some Texans/Nolte Jr's to replace them.

    Trustees kill outside investigation

    By Vincent Marshall

    Staff Writer

    At the Dodge City Community College Board of Trustees meeting Tuesday night, the Trustees were given an agenda item regarding an outside investigation to be conducted by the Association of Community College Trustees.

    The motion was put on the table by Trustee Terry Malone to approve the ACCT investigation however, that is where the vote died when no other trustee seconded the motion.

    The possible investigation would have been for grievances and complaints filed by the Faculty Coalition.

    At the November 2016 trustees meeting, Sue Hammond, the president of the Faculty Coalition at DCCC, gave the board along with President Harold Nolte, a faculty vote of no confidence towards the president.

    “The Faculty Coalition of Dodge City Community College has grave concerns,” Hammond said in the November meeting.

    “Dr. Adam John and Dr. Harold Nolte have committed a series of actions that have negatively affected the faculty, the students and the residents of Ford County.”

    Then at the December 2016 trustees meeting, Trustees Morris Reeves, Floris Jean Hampton and Dr. Merill Conant each read a portion of the administrations response about the Faculty Coalition report from November.

    “We have investigated each item on the list of grievances as presented at the November 2016 meeting of the board of trustees by the group calling itself the Faculty Coalition,” Reeves said at the December meeting. “Our investigation found little support for the Faculty Coalition’s allegations of falsification of data questionable leadership, inappropriate hiring decisions and bad-faith negotiations.”

    During Tuesday nights meeting, Reeves also stated he felt that allowing an outside investigation regarding the grievances was “a problem with timing because we haveanotherprojectgoingon thatmaybeimpactedbythis.

    “I feel it is premature to bring at this time.”

    Trustees also voted to cancel the Mass Communications Broadcasting program.

    According to Dean Anthony Lyons, radio has changed.

    “About 67 percent of us listen to the radio daily and it is still a viable medium,” he said. “But it has shifted more from the broadcast side to the sales side with automated programming.”

    Lyons recommended the canceling of the broadcast programandhaveitreplaced withaBroadcastMediaSales Program.

    “We just approved a partnership withHi-PlainsPublic Radio that will begin to go to a 24-hour format along with an AM sports program and Spanish channel,” Lyons said.“Withthenewprogram, we can train in sales more for underwritingandadvertising.

    “We expect to recruit 10-20 students to start and increase from there.”

    The cancellation was approved 5-0, Trustee JeremyPresleywasnotpresent during any of the voting.

    The approval of the new sales program will come at a later date.

    The board also approved to implement a 7-member board for the next election cycle.

    “By statute,we are required to give public notice regarding the additional member,” attorney Glenn Kerbs said. “It must be certified to the clerk by May 1 and the member will be elected during the 2017 election cycle.”
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  2. Cntrymama

    Cntrymama Active Member

    As a fellow Mass Communication Alumni, I think it is a horrible decision to cancel Mass Communication Program. Mass Communication touches on so much more than Sales. It teaches students how to market to public, how to write advertisements, FCC Regulations, and other skills that are used in radio, television and newspaper.
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  3. Josh Roesener

    Josh Roesener Active Member

    The program shouldn't have been canceled. It should have been evolved and changed. Media/broadcasting studies, teaching how to write for news and radio, how to shoot and edit video, how to run websites, and social media, as well as sales. Yes sales is a big part of broadcasting these days, but expecting to have 10-20 students sign up for a program that teaches how to sell and write radio spots is a bit ridiculous.
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  4. sunshine

    sunshine Gold Member

    Agreed. This is another terrible decision by a group that seems to be more inept the longer that time goes on.

  5. Detector

    Detector Gold Member

    Where does Broadcasting sit on the top jobs list?

    Why doesn't any college offer courses that are in the top list of wanted employees? Make too much sense?

    Why not a computer related course. I would say one that specialized in Network Security, since that is expected to be one of the top sought jobs of the near future. Is there a problem with teaching classes that students can use in the real world?
  6. Daredevil

    Daredevil Well-Known Member

    I have to believe one of the reasons they may also want to have it cancelled is to try not to get meetings on the television. The administration went to the level of harassing one of the students so badly they quit school after they placed a idea of the meetings on YouTube. She was also one of the students who had filed a title 9 during the nursing fiasco first semester.
  7. Coffeedeux

    Coffeedeux Well-Known Member

    They have really good tech programs now and just need to continue to expand those opportunities.
  8. Detector

    Detector Gold Member

    Need to more than expand it seems to me. Like change the programs. Broadcasting is a fading trade.
  9. Jafo

    Jafo Well-Known Member

    Oh boy , can't wait I can send my kids to DC3 to get a degree in how to sell radio ads and right copy for Dodge city Mexican radio!

    Seriously what a f***King joke, Anthony Lyons needs to get a life stop making up programs for his failed schooling.
  10. empires228

    empires228 Well-Known Member

    I've spoken with several people who are much more knowledgeable about the college and the music program than I am, and they're not sure why the three main faculty members were let go. The paper listed reasons, but you'd think if that was the true cause, then the people who play the band and such wouldn't be as surprised, disappointed , and left in the dark about the future as they are.

    One does not fire a music teacher last minute if they want a quality replacement to apply. If you post a position like that last minute, then 9/10 times you're going to end up with a minimal number of applicants and have to pick either the only applicant, or have to choose from several that may not be the best choices for the future of the program.
  11. DCSniper

    DCSniper Well-Known Member

    Or maybe they already have someone else (friend or former colleague) that is looking and voila what do you know we have an opening for you! That is how Nolte has filled several positions already. Head of Security with minimal experience and no supervising experience and a 20 second 40 yard dash time, check got that. Chief Judicial Officer/Golf Coach that happens to be close friends with Nolte and worked with him at the last college, check got that. Oh your wife needs a job too? Sure we can stick her some where doing something she isn't qualified for.
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  12. empires228

    empires228 Well-Known Member

    I sure hope cronyism isn't at work here. When I was in high school, I had a band director who was hired that was and was pretty much invincible and could do whatever they wanted because the only person policing them was the relative who got them hired and the program lost over 100 kids in three semesters. I only did band first semester of my senior year and we only had six seniors on senior night during marching band. They only had two seniors in band second semester and had to eliminate a concert band and a jazz band due to low enrollment. I know for a fact that all of his review sessions with the principles we're done during either the top jazz band class or the planning because I was in there when they were taking place. Both the director and their family member where eventually fired when the other principles caught on (I made the mistake of bullyinv one of their children so they couldn't ignore it anymore, but over six years later, the damage they did is still visible.

    Basically, nepotism never ends well no matter if it's appointing Underqualified facility in a school, or appointing grossly unqualified secretaries of education on the national level.

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