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Dodge Board Turns 10

Discussion in 'Boardroom' started by Lou, Oct 31, 2015.

  1. Lou

    Lou Well-Known Member

    A few days ago and with no fanfare, our beloved DB turned 10 years old.

    While not as active as it once was, it's still a source of information, opinion and entertainment for members and others. Despite the rise of Facebook and other forums, I still turn to DB for news about events and activities in Dodge. Here's hoping the Board will become revitalized by the return of longtime members and the presence of new members.

    Happy Birthday to Dodge Board! May you have many more.
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  2. sunshine

    sunshine Gold Member

    Happy Birthday, DB! Ten years!
    Like you, Lou, I still check in daily. Still a part of my day, but wish it was busier, like in the old days. It can get snarky, but I have learned a lot here and have made new friends here, and laughed a lot. It's been a GREAT place to be a part of!

  3. ChooPaKaToo

    ChooPaKaToo Senior Member

    Yes Happy Birthday belatedly Dodge Board... Thanks Admin for all you do. :) Wish it was busier too. I've resorted to begging for recipes just to see something lit up that says "new post!"
  4. K C Muffin

    K C Muffin Gold Member

    10 years? The hell you say! I am NOT 10 years older than I was when I first started reading/posting here! Ok, well, maybe..

    Ha! You missed me, didn't ya?!
  5. henrysitler71

    henrysitler71 New Member

    Let's breath new life into dodgeboard and Dodge City as well. The people are willing but the city commission and devcorp have been found wanting.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2015

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