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Drug Bust

Discussion in 'Local Law Enforcement' started by K C Muffin, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. K C Muffin

    K C Muffin Gold Member

    "DODGE CITY - Two Ford County residents are behind bars on drug charges stemming from an undercover sting operation, Dodge City police said Thursday.

    Authorities on Wednesday arrested a 44-year-old man - Carlos Romero, according to the Ford County Jail log - on charges of selling cocaine, methamphetamines and marijuana. An 18-year-old woman - Brandy Murray, according to the jail log - was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.

    The arrests culminated a two-week undercover operation carried out by the Dodge City/Ford County Narcotics Enforcement Team, which is made up of Dodge City police and the Ford County Sheriff's Department.

    Agents allegedly bought the drugs from Romero on several occasions at his home in the Green Acres trailer park development on the southeastern outskirts of Dodge City, which he shared with Murray.

    The suspects were scheduled to make their first appearance in Ford County District Court on Thursday."

    Honest to God. What's up with the Glob? This was in today's Hutch News. When is/was the Glob going to print it? I have two problems with this story, aside from it not coming from the Globe. The first is that this 18-year-old girl is living with a 44-year-old man. Holy cow! What's up with that? The other is that it took a two-week undercover operation. If a copy buys once from a scum-bag, it ought to be enough. Just one time....not repeated times over 2 weeks. During that two weeks, he had the opportunity to sell to a number of citizens, some of them probably under 18.

  2. Bubba

    Bubba Platinum Member

    I'm usually with you kcm, but in this case you are a little off the mark. I think the glob leaves a lot to be desired, but this is what they had today...

    Web-posted Nov. 11, 11:13: AM
    Two arrested on drug-related charges
    From Staff Reports

    A two-week undercover drug-purchasing operation has resulted in the arrests of two Ford County residents, the Dodge City Police Department reported Thursday.
    An 18-year-old woman was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of possessing drug paraphernalia, and a 44-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of selling cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana, plus suspicion of selling drugs without a tax stamp. The two were taken into custody without incident.

    The police department does not release suspects’ names until formal charges have been filed against them, but Thursday’s population log from the Ford County Detention Center indicates that an 18-year-old woman named Brandy Murray and a 44-year-old man named Carlos Romero were booked into the jail Wednesday on drug-related charges.

    Police Lt. Craig Mellecker said Thursday the police department’s policy prevented him from confirming or denying whether the suspects arrested on Wednesday were Murray and Romero.

    Authorities with the Dodge City/Ford County Narcotics Enforcement Team arrested the man and woman after executing a search warrant at 11348 El Torro St. in the Green Acres Trailer court, according to a news release from the police department. The search stemmed from a two-week undercover operation in which authorities purchased substances that they suspected were marijuana, meth and cocaine from Murray and Romero.

    Authorities also seized suspected drug paraphernalia during the search.

    The undercover purchases began Oct. 28 and ended Wednesday with the arrests, Mellecker said. The substances were sent to a Kansas Bureau of Investigation lab for analysis.

    Authorities are continuing their investigation into the incident.

  3. Tee

    Tee Gold Member

    marijuana, meth, cocaine and drug paraphernalia....

    What, no PCP or herion?

    Wow- talk about your ONE STOP SHOPPING!!
  4. K C Muffin

    K C Muffin Gold Member

    I gotcha - but still.....this happened Wednesday. I would have thought a local daily paper would be more on the ball. I don't understand why it didn't hit Thursday's paper locally. Just seems that 2-day-old 'news' is old. The Glob probably doesn't have adequate technology to do it, but there is a link to the KC Star a reader can subscribe to on-line and it gives up-to-the-minute news. And maybe it's more important to me to have news right away instead of learning about it a couple of days later just because of where I live and how fast things change in the metro...especially traffic.

    Anyway, now we both know and it doesn't make one bit of difference what either of us do today, right? Have a good weekend! ;)
  5. TexKan

    TexKan New Member

    Bubba - I thought you were kidding with the Glob thing.....OMG - they write worser than me....... I thought that "we don't release names" was a good statement to go with "here's our booking sheets"..... Course public info IS public info..... May this be a lesson in the difference between "fired public servent" and "arrested"........ Arrested is the key word here.....
    The Glob is too much
    Hey - we can't get the cops to "say" the names but this is how we added 2 and 2. Now we don't wanna say who they are - but the 2 that got booked on the same charges are........ and they are...... old ( U R right KC that's ANOTHER story all together ) and BTW if there is any confusion - they live at ......... just incase any of their friends wanna take the rest of their trailer that we didn't seize as evidence........ROTFLMAO

    Now I'm not one to trash cops - they are too near and dear to my heart - but ADMIN is ALWAYS fair game.......Overall I'm sure they did a good job and did it well - which they probably did........even tho it took 2 weeks - they are still off the street and the others they sold to are probably not too far behind the 2 in jail
  6. Flying Dutchman

    Flying Dutchman Senior Member

    The reason for repeated buys is to give the state enough evidence for a conviction. You charge a person with, say, 10 seperate counts it doesn't give them much wiggle room. It also gives you some leverage in moving up the chain for bigger fish.
  7. K C Muffin

    K C Muffin Gold Member

    I understand why they make repeated buys, Dutchie - they don't want the guy to walk. I'm still frustrated and I just wish we didn't have to take this kind of time to get scrum off the streets once idenitifed. I'm sure you share my frustrations. :banghead:
  8. TexKan

    TexKan New Member

    Good point Dutch - I knew that just didn't hink of that. I know sometimes drug dealers are left alone and encouraged to think nobody is watchin just so they can get the "big" fish...... Truth is at the little local crack house in my neighborhood they been doin that for years. Actually some crack houses I think are left to operate so long as they don't "take over" the neighborhood and do it rather discretely. It's a good resource for the cops. Ours has been busted once and cleared out but business is goin again. Not on the scale as before but the cars cruise, the boys shuttle with thier bikes and the business picks up around dark. No one has shot anyone yet - but we keep hopin they do it soon. I'm tired of the "boom" cars......cheap ass sound systems.......and we call for anything we can think of - If they weren't so afraid that we would shoot them - they probably would rob us blind like they did a couple of years ago. They about emptied our garage until they got held at gunpoint. That crap stopped and they all think we are crazy - just as good.......cause we are.......LOL
  9. Bubba

    Bubba Platinum Member

    Look back through this thread for their address, that way when they get out on bail you know where to go to stock up!:lol:
  10. lurker

    lurker New Member

    It's a "trailer park development"... Mayhaps years ago it was a development. Now it would be a colonia.
  11. Flying Dutchman

    Flying Dutchman Senior Member

    You have no idea how much I truly despise drug dealers Muffin. I wish once was all it took to nail them.
  12. MUD

    MUD New Member

    Your right kinda. In KS the laws for drug offenders is based on a severity level system. 1 being the most severe. Once they bring a case to a drug offender regaurdless of how many counts the controlling sentance is the one that is the most severe the rest run concurant. So if this guy gets found guilty on all counts, (which he wont) he'll do the meth charge. The cocaine charge will end simultaniously and the weed charge will not be a factor in the amount of time when sentanced. Now heres where the seperate counts come in. If convicted of multiple felony counts this moves an offender up on the sentencing grid, example ABCDEFGH H being someone who has no felony record. G is 1 nonperson felony F is 2 nonperson felonys and E is 3 nonperson. If this guy already has a PERSONAL felony such as ag. bat. He starts out in the D row. So by piling multiple counts on an offender you could quickly move him or her up to a box that reads in months, 68/76/82 The judge has the choice of which 3
  13. Highwayman

    Highwayman Gold Member

    I’m not disagreeing with anyone here, but I thought it had more to do with making a bigger buy to get a more serious charge. I was on a jury back in the seventies and the way it was explained to us was you can’t just go out and buy a large amount the first time. They buy a small amount the first few days and work up over time to buy a large enough amount to get the more serious charge and put the dealer away for a longer time. Dealers get suspicious when a first time buyer wants a big buy. But everything said here applies also.
  14. MUD

    MUD New Member

    Your right also. But here in dodge the police usually get the smaller fish this way; Pedro gets pulled over for illegal tags. During the stop drugs are found. When pedro gets to jail an investigator says, "Gee Pedro, looks like your in a heap of trouble. No more good job, no more nice new truck, no more green card and no more freedom, unless you tell us where you got it." So pedro after much thought says, OK, Jose. I got it from Jose. So they have Pedro call Jose from an outside line to let Jose know hes coming by to score again. Pedro makes the buy, Jose gets popped. Now its a little different when it comes to Pedro giving up the bigger fish. Instead of Jose Pedro agrees to give up Juan. The cops have wanted Juan for quite some time so this will go down a little differently. Pedro goes over to Juans to score but he brings Lupe-AKA officer Gonzales with him. This happens several times until Lupe can go by hiself. Well, you know what happens after that. 9 times out of 10 Its a confidential informant or CI/Pedro who actually infiltrates the dope man...At least here in DC anyway. But in order to stack the time up against a suspect each count must have a different case # Then the sentances can run consecutively. Keep in mind KS. has 2 sentancing grids. One is Drug grid the other is everything else.
  15. TexKan

    TexKan New Member

    Gee Mud - that is too funny.......I love that scenerio........Kiddo if I had any power I'd give it to ya........ROTFLMAO (even tho I know it's true - it's just too good)
  16. spike52

    spike52 Well-Known Member

    You're right there.
    Glob sux, period.

    Do tell..

    She's 18, so?
    Are you assuming they're a couple?
    If so, so what?

    KC, I'm correct in assuming you never worked in Naroctics?
    Several buys make a better case.
    Why you ask..
    An intentional repeated pattern of drug sales provide the man w/ more ammo to go after the "bigger fish" a.k.a. supplier.
    Which is always the intent of these types of operations..

    Again, an assumption.
    Do the cops a favor and let them do their job..:rolleyes:
  17. K C Muffin

    K C Muffin Gold Member

    Hi, Spikey - the last time I read anything from you was a long time ago. Welcome to the new board! You know, that's the beauty of nameless, faceless boards - a poster can wonder aloud about behavior. It's your choice to read it - no need to pick it apart - wasted time.

    As far as letting the cops do their job - I wouldn't want to do their job. They train too long and get paid squat for the thankless job they do. My point was bashing the system that it takes so many buys before they can bring a dealer down. Should only take once. I do understand why the multiple buys, but again - it shouldn't be that way. We (the people that wrote the laws and ask you to uphold them) allow so much latitude in drugs. How many murders does it take to get a murderer off the streets after he's identified? These guys are doing the same thing. In a perfect world, it wouldn't be like that - one bust would do it. In this world, it takes too much time.

    Hope to see you around here from time to time. :beer:
  18. TexKan

    TexKan New Member

    Don't you worry KC - I understood exactly what they were sayin.......and if they were related probably the glob would have said he was her "uncle" they love to get that "family" stuff in. Truth is this is NOT a board of experts and YOUR opinion and thoughts are just as important as Spike's. BTW - ya know what I don't think you got in the way of any cop or narcotics doin their job - and if ya NEVER questioned anything you'de be "dancin necked...at McD's" I say question or comment what ya feel - ya aint hurtin nobody here....LOL I like how ya left the welcome mat out for Spike - nice real nice........LMAO
  19. K C Muffin

    K C Muffin Gold Member

    I've always been a "glass half full" type of personality. Spike just happens to be a "glass half empty". Once you understand that, he's just a big teddy bear! Thanks for standin' up for me! :beer:
  20. Highwayman

    Highwayman Gold Member

    I think sometimes Spike’s glass is running on empty. :biglaugh:

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