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Family Dollar

Discussion in 'Introductions - The Podium' started by CubsFaninDodge, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. CubsFaninDodge

    CubsFaninDodge New Member

    Hello Dodge City! I just wanted to drop a line informing the majority that Family Dollar is not closed! The store next to the old Hastings is open from 9a-9p every day! The windows make the store look closed because of the tinting.

    Also, the store is under new management! Chan, store manager, comes from the Wichita market and has made vast improvements to the shopping experience there! He's trained the staff and together they have cleaned it up, straightened it up, and made the store a much more comfortable place to shop. With weekly sales and coupons, Family Dollar is your Smart Way to Save! They have team members on staff that can habla Espanol!

    Chan encourages the public to go see the changes made and start saving money now!

    1701 N 14th Street
    Aqui en Dodge City!
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  2. Jean Earl

    Jean Earl Member

    You might post this in dodge city chat on facebook.

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