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Fireside Grill at the casino

Discussion in 'Boot Hill Casino' started by whyme?, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. whyme?

    whyme? New Member

    So my hubby and I went to the casino friday night to get our grub on at the seafood buffet. Good food (crab is hit and miss) and good price. Actually $37.00 for the both of us with drinks. Today I get on my account and check my bank statement and there is the charge for dinner ($36.79) and also another charge for $77.36?!?! SO..... I call them and the manager has no idea what could have happened and asked if we used it to gamble?!?! I told her no and that the waitress had our card for a longer than usual time. Why would I take an odd amount anyways if we were going to gamble? ATM's don't give you that option.
    Anyways, I called the bank and they said that Fireside charged it for over the amount (like a car rental place for damages) in case the funds are not there?!?! I have NEVER heard of a restaurant charging more to make sure the "funds are there". They will advise the amount might change if you have left a tip.Also why would they have charged the $36.79 to my account and then another $77.38. Something does not seem right.There has to be something fishy (sorry about the pun) with that place. I know I will not go there again.
  2. 357 mag

    357 mag Senior Member

    Better check our account too, because we paid with our card too... Personally I was no impressed with the "seafood" buffet, if that's even what you want to call it!!! For $16 there was not very much to choose from. I didn't expect expensive seafood, but a little more to choose from than 3 different seafood items.. I thought the best thing on the buffet was their loaded mashed potatoes.
  3. whyme?

    whyme? New Member

    I agree Mags! We like the steak, and the loaded mashed were so good. We just get a handful of shrimp and call it good. They were not that busy friday night either so I can't figure out why it took so long running our check. Definately check your account!
  4. Ma_Kin

    Ma_Kin Senior Member

    Yeah that is odd. We go there for breakfast pretty often and they have never over charged our card like that. I know they do that when you pay for gas at the pump but have never heard of anywhere else doing it. I wonder if she was having trouble with it and tried it two or three times and they all ended up going through?
  5. K C Muffin

    K C Muffin Gold Member

    So they credited your account without a hassle? That's pretty odd. If they're smart, they'll question the cashier/waitress or whomever took your card.
  6. Mike B.

    Mike B. Gold Member

    I also eat, on ocassion, at the Fireside. I almost always have the Pattymelt sandwich. It's awesome.

    Like whyme? I too was over charged for my meal when I paid with my credit card. Luckily I caught it before I left. The manager handled the issue and credited my Visa.

    You got to watch when you pay with a cc to ensure you're paying for what you get, not just at the casino, but everywhere.
  7. NoLongerInRadioGuy

    NoLongerInRadioGuy Senior Member

    I had this same issue a while back - maybe 2 years ago - at the truck stop. The bill was like $50 but the charge was for over $100. I immediately called them to ask why and they said it is common practice to over charge a card to make sure the funds are available to cover a tip. I told her I could understand this...but maybe 15-20% of the total bill at most. I checked a couple days later and the charge was right.

    I run into this sometimes at the hotel when people use a debit card (we have a notice at the front desk about this). If they use their debit card to guarantee the room, it automatically marks the funds in their account for the entire stay. If they pay on check out using this card, it is no big deal and they wont know the difference. But, if they pay with cash or another card, the funds are still marked for us on their card. It can take their bank up to 14 days to release them (usually it is 2 or 3 at the most).
  8. whyme?

    whyme? New Member

    The funny thing is that my receipt had the amount of $36.00 and thats what I authorized. It was not until days later when I checked my actual bank account that I noticed the $36.00 and the additional charge of the $77. I just can't believe that the manager still has not called me back about this after she said she would look into it.

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