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Guymon Petro

Discussion in 'Community Announcements' started by horsedrawn, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. horsedrawn

    horsedrawn New Member

    Newest restaurant in town in historic building, thoughts and/or reviews?
  2. empires228

    empires228 Well-Known Member

    Parents have walked out twice. Both times they had to wait around 15 minutes to get seated because there was no host rather than because they were busy, then after they were seated they waited for 45-ish minutes without having anyone take their drink order. The second time they weren't the only table in waiting to walk out so I doubt they'll be back. I won't set foot in Casey's Cowtown because of multiple similar experiences.
  3. wildbill

    wildbill Member

    I haven't visited the restaurant, but it's terrible that Dodge has some terrible streets and the city is paving parking lots for private businesses...
  4. sunshine

    sunshine Gold Member

    Sad. 80-90% of restaurants fail within their first year, so all the comments about bad service/bad food don't bode well. Maybe they should have done a later opening and thoroughly trained all their people first? Hope they get it together. Dodge doesn't have much to choose from outside of fast food.

  5. Sunnyday

    Sunnyday Active Member

    I'm with you sunshine, it is a great concept and hope it does well!!!
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  6. empires228

    empires228 Well-Known Member

    I don't want to see them fail, but I can easily see this turning into the Italian restaraunt disaster in downtown GC, though to be fair the death of the chef on the day of the Cowboy Band christmas concert a years ago didn't help them out any... I had to drive back to GC in that blizzard and his car passed us going pretty fast and we later saw the flaming recharge. It was absolutely horrid to see.
  7. Detector

    Detector Gold Member

    We live in a fast food town. The people who now make up the majority of locals are not your restaurant types.
  8. Made in the USA

    Made in the USA Gold Member

    It would be nice if someone would open up just a normal, good food, decent price, good service restaurant in Dodge City. Nothing like that exists now, and I am getting tired of McDonald's and Wendy's. Plus, one that would open 24 hours, or at least early, as some of us have to work all sorts of hours.
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  9. empires228

    empires228 Well-Known Member

    I would hate to agree, but I'm frequently in Pueblo, Colorado on top of GC, DC, and Liberal and I've traveled to Amarillo and Albuquerque a few times and I do notice a lack of hispanics eating out even though these markets are hispanic majority. I don't why that is, but I've never really noticed it before. La Playa Dorado, Tacos El Tapatio, and Garcia's in GC are hispanic majority in their diners, but you can walk into Old Chicago, Applebee's, etc and the only hispanic people in there are employees and maybe a few kids between the ages of 16-22 eating out with their friends. I hear "we need a Red Lobster/Olive Garden" all the time, but when I go to the locations in Pueblo I find the same demographics I find at Old Chicago/Applebee's in GC... I'm jealous. The large number of people who don't eat out at these places must save some decent money. I honestly never see the Asian or Somalian populations in SWKS out anywhere either with the exceptions of the Somalians at Starbucks. I see the mennonites out at the mexican restaurants and Old Chicago in GC more than anywhere else.

    I'd even take something like a Denny's/Village Inn/Perkins! I beleive Village Inn isn't 24 Hours, but Perkins is open almost 24/7 in some markets and Denney's definitely is.
  10. Made in the USA

    Made in the USA Gold Member

    All the taco wagons seem to stay in business. Plus, it takes some dough to drive Cadillac Escalades.

    Dodge had a Denny's at one time, but the management, service, and poor operation doomed it. There used to be a Mr. Breakfast in Liberal years ago, that was open early and served a decent breakfast, but I think it is closed now. The Flying J in Dodge make a really big mistake when they closed their restaurant. Their parking lot looks deserted most of the time anymore, as all the truckers go to the Love's (which only has stinking Chester Chicken).
  11. empires228

    empires228 Well-Known Member

    Liberal got a Taco John's at their loves while GC, Holcomb, and Scott City all got Subway. Barf.
  12. Made in the USA

    Made in the USA Gold Member

    Such has gone the way of "Truck Stop Restaurants". No more bacon and eggs, chicken fried steak, and real meals.
  13. horsedrawn

    horsedrawn New Member

    Dodge has gotten a new out of the box restaurant in a historical building being unused, a brewery is being built and a brand new distillery is in town. Things aren't perfect but thats pretty awesome that any of those businesses chose Dodge to begin with.

    The distillery was offered a much better deal to open in Garden, and the brewery could of just of easily opened in Wichita or somewhere east.

    Encourage the business owners who have chosen Dodge and help them to be a success instead of complaining about things out of our control....

    There is room for improvement but let's give them the slack to improve. I don't care if there is a Dennys or taco john we already have that type of food.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
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  14. horsedrawn

    horsedrawn New Member

    While it may be true the majority of locals aren't restaurant types, restaurants and businesses in Garden City and Wichita are filled with Ford County tags searching for good food and good shops.

    Let me expand, I go to Garden for Sam's Club, Menards, Home Depot, Target and Staples for shopping not available in Dodge. I eat at Old Chicago, BWW, etc and enjoy the zoo. Nothing in this list is anything Dodge couldn't have with a cohesive and progressive city government, chamber and economic devo
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
  15. Lou

    Lou Well-Known Member


    The wife and I visited the new establishment this evening, 01-07-17. It was our first visit and I have a mixed review to post.

    We arrived early, about 4:30 PM and were pleased to find to restaurant open for business, despite no business hours posted anywhere near the entrance or elsewhere. Once inside, the seating hostess walked us to an elevated booth near the entrance. The hostess did not do so in a warm or welcoming manner. We were given a menu which we perceived as very limited. Once our assigned waitress arrived to take our drink order (6 minutes), I asked if this was the complete menu or a list of "specials". It was determined that it was, in fact, the lunch menu. She went to ask someone if she could provide us with the dinner menu. At this point, we decided to move from the uncomfortable, elevated booth to a small table-for-two across the aisle. The chairs at this small table were nearly as uncomfortable, but an improvement over the booth.

    Evidently, the waitress was allowed to bring us the dinner menus. Once again, the dinner menu seemed somewhat limited, but it did list steaks, seafood and other items not listed on the lunch menu. We made our choices while the drinks were delivered, the wife ordered hot tea and I chose a domestic beer. For dinner, my wife ordered crab cakes, a baked "Idaho potato" (as listed on the menu) and the veggie of the day which we were told was "Cajun corn". I selected the Filet steak ($27) cooked medium-well, baked potato and the veggies. Soon, the waitress was back at our small table to say that they didn't have baked potatoes to serve and we'd have to have mashed potatoes instead. Oh... OK.

    14 minutes later, our plates were delivered to the table. The waitress hastily said "they changed the veggies without telling me" as she set the plates down which contained squash instead of "Cajun corn". My squash was left untouched throughout the meal. The small filet was undercooked (medium-rare) and I asked her take it back to finish grilling it. It was returned a bit later, still undercooked. I ate it as was (cooked medium). This meant that 2/3 of the food on my plate were things I did not order (mashed potatoes instead of a baked, squash instead of corn). Likewise with my better half. My wife said her meal was "average" at best, somehow managing to eat some of the squash. I covered my plate with my napkin after finishing my undercooked steak to conceal the untouched squash and mostly-uneaten (and not-wanted) mashed potatoes.

    Pushing forward, I asked about dessert. There was an item called "Tiger Cake" available, I was told. We decided to share a dessert and chose that option. It was a tasty dessert, but way overpriced. Despite the negatives with our meals, our waitress was charming, polite and efficient. For the two of us, our meals, drinks and dessert cost $86, tip included. The facility is nice, the proprietors did a commendable job with the building restoration and d├ęcor. The restrooms are clean and nice, though small. Patrons must navigate a staircase to enter the building, there is no ramp (that we saw). We parked across 4th Street to the east in a spacious lot (north of a Laundromat). We noted that traffic on Trail Street must now stop at the intersection with 4th (lighted, flashing 4-way stop signs, an unexpected change to traditional traffic flow). The ambient temperature inside the restaurant was comfortable, though the sound volume of the numerous televisions was a little too high for intimate conversation. Aside from the seating hostess, staff was friendly and accommodating. Management was onsite, though we did not complain or call attention to any aspect of our experience.

    We wish this new business well and hope it is successful. We have our favorite restaurants in DC and will continue to visit them when we are in town. We'll return to Guymon Petro in a few months to see if corrections have been made to the problem areas we encountered. I encourage readers to try the new restaurant and to share their experience with Dodge Board members.
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  16. empires228

    empires228 Well-Known Member

    Dodge COULD have had those stores. Garden City and even the developer of the stores sell the region as a whole that includes the population of Dodge and Liberal. The likes of Target, Menards, and Sam's aren't going to sabotage their regional draw for second location in Dodge, especially since a large amount of the traffic at both stores comes from Dodge so instead of one successful store they'd have two mediocre stores. Target is dead in GC except on weekends. The store just isn't popular with the older minority populations. Almost the entire staff is hispanic, but outside of Black Friday I rarely ever see Hispanics of any age shopping there. Both of my parents go to Target on a daily basis for Starbucks alone so the three of us have a pretty good idea of who is shopping there and who isn't. For example, the Somalians rarely venture in past Starbucks, but you'll find them at the Dollar General on Mary, Walmart, and Orscheln's and the older Hispanic's tend to shop at Sears, Sam's and Walmart rather than Target or even Dillons (I've been employed by the first three and had a brief stint at Dillons, but had to quit do to health.)
  17. whitesright

    whitesright Member

    Guymon Petro is a very nice place as far as the decor and remodeling goes. We, family and I went there after it opened and we give it mixed reviews. Wife and I had a hamburger served on a pretzel bun, top of bun was good but the bottom of bun was soggy. The patty and other stuff between the buns was good. Service could have been a little faster and the music not as loud as mentioned in an above post. Appetizer was fried pickles, they were good but not 9$ good. When I wanted dessert I asked what was available and the hostess said they only have two items to choose from, would of thought there would be 4-5 desserts at least. I know several people who have been to GP and said they won't go back. I thought when GP opened that they would have the place that would be Dodge City's ultimate restaurant and lounge but sadly it's not looking that way. A coworker of mine went on a Saturday night when they had a live band and he said there were less than 10 people there which is bad considering there aren't many places in Dodge for the 30 and up crowd to go that isn't a Mexican bar or playing hip hop. I hope they can not only survive but thrive here in DC
  18. ChooPaKaToo

    ChooPaKaToo Senior Member

    Went in the one time, and just haven't had the urge to go back. Haven't heard much else good about the place to make me wanna go back in. While I love to support the local business, and my husband and I eat out often.. I just refuse to spend my money somewhere I don't get the BASIC service that McDonalds can offer me.
  19. Made in the USA

    Made in the USA Gold Member

    Most business people cannot figure out the two most important things for longevity in any business. As a long time business owner myself, I always have stressed them since day one. Number one and two, in any order, is CUSTOMER SERVICE and a GOOD PRODUCT!
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  20. Gypsy

    Gypsy Well-Known Member

    My son from KC was here and wanted to check it out. We enjoyed it. We were seated promptly, our service and the food was good. Our table was upstairs but it's open to the downstairs and we were by a window. Actually, I liked being upstairs more than downstairs because we wanted to talk and it's more private than downstairs. It was fun being in an older and more historic building than a brand new building. The Depot has that going for it too. I would think that tourists would rather be in old Dodge City buildings than in the new ones. Old Dodge City is what they come for.
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