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Kansas State Troopers

Discussion in 'The Front Porch' started by Tee, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Tee

    Tee Gold Member

    It's that time of year again. That time where this telemarketing campaign calls everybody in our area begging for money, regardless of being asked not to. I have asked them politely at least 10 times to take me off their list. They refuse to. Some lie and say they will. But I have had a couple get rude with me and tell me they don't have to. I had one even scream at me, then tell me he'll personally call me next year.

    These are the most abusive telemarketers I have ever encountered. Them and the FOP. Now I just hang up on them. I'd rather be boiled in oil than give them a dime.

    Anyone else being hassled by them?
  2. Highwayman

    Highwayman Gold Member

    I don’t have these issues. Here’s how it works in my house. If I don’t recognize the name displayed on the caller ID it goes to the answering machine. If I hear a message being left and it’s someone I want to talk to, I’ll pick it up. If they don’t leave a message, it isn’t important. Sometimes people I know go to the answering machine and get ignored anyway.

    It works for me.
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  3. Northstar

    Northstar Well-Known Member

    I keep getting phone calls about reducing my credit card debt. When I told them I didn't have a credit card (which I do but pay it off every month), I was called a liar. I laughed at him and hung up.
  4. Gambler

    Gambler Well-Known Member

    When telemarketers call me I say hang on will you and I put the phone down and make loud annoying noises for ten minutes or so. Clanging dishes close to the phone usually works. Oh what fun. Call me TROOPERS.:wink2:
  5. sunshine

    sunshine Gold Member

    if i don't know who is calling, i don't answer any more. tired of all those calls wasting my time. also turned off my answering machine because they would all just leave me their stupid messages, which kept getting longer and longer, still wasting my time. irks me. if i want to donate or buy something, i'll call you.
  6. K C Muffin

    K C Muffin Gold Member

    It's not just the Troopers or the FOP, it's everybody from Omaha Steaks to credit card companies. I do the same thing you do, Hiway - if I recognize the number, I either answer or not depending on who it is. If I don't recognize it, it 100% goes to the answering machine. If I recognize the voice, then I pick up - but don't expect me to beat the answering machine unless I know your number and am expecting a call. Most of the time, the people I want to talk to know my cell number. We only keep a landline for faxes now. Hubby doesn't want to get it unlisted, though. So I don't bother to get up to answer the phone when it rings. If he wants it listed, he can answer it!!!
  7. FAM 49

    FAM 49 Active Member

  8. Tee

    Tee Gold Member

    I'm on that list. I told them that. Despite my wishes, they rudely told me "We do not have to abide by that list because we are non-profit!"

    In other words..."We'll call you if we damn well want to, so FU!"
  9. K C Muffin

    K C Muffin Gold Member

    yeah, we are too and our cell phones are too. We still get calls. Most of them non profit, like you said. I give my charitable funds (most of them) to United Way, so I don't handle them well, I guess.
  10. 357 mag

    357 mag Senior Member

    I don't answer my phone if I don't know the number, and if by chance 1 of my kids do, I do what I'mabitch does and just set it down and go about my business and go back several minutes later and hang the phone up! We haven't gotten a call from the troopers or FOP for a while because the last time the FOP called my husband answered and he told them he was an officer and donated to his local FOP, they haven't called back since. The troopers haven't called my house for 6 years, the last time they called, I had just walked into the house from the hospital after my daughter was born and he kept harassing me about donating so I finally told him "fine, you send me your address and I will have all my bills forwarded to you from delivery and all the bills I'm going to be getting from being off work for the next 4-6 weeks so you can pay them and in return I will donate the $50 you want me to donate." Yeah he hung up on me and they haven't called back since then!
  11. Detector

    Detector Gold Member

    I use Google Voice. You get a new phone number that gives you a bunch of options on how to handle incoming calls. It can send them to your REAL phone/cell, to your email or several emails, to the voice mail or the trash can. It's free!

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