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Morris Reeves, Merrill Conant, The Dc3 Administration And Oh Yes Double 'b' Kathy Ramsour

Discussion in 'USD 443 and DCCC' started by THE COMMANDER, Jul 28, 2017.


    THE COMMANDER Gold Member

    Okay gang, there has been a lot of livid interest about DCCC. Lots of fingers pointing here, there, and everywhere else. Lots of blame but little focus on who really matters. Let me illuminate the situation for everyone.

    Several people have posited about the previous Woodburn administration and no the Nolte/Johns administration.

    Bear in mind, these college presidents work at the 'pleasure of the board' as is in their employment contracts. This being said, it is also important to understand that these presidents are hired on with a majority vote of the DCCC (non) trustees.

    The majority rule on the board as of late has been of the Conant/Reeves oligarchy.

    Both Woodburn and Nolte are doing EXACTLY what Reeves and Conant tells them to do. It does not take much to figure that the Nursing school chaos, to the scam to build that damned dome with FEMA and donation dollars when in fact it was surreptitiously loaded onto the public debt, and to the wholesale handover of college property to build these 'Big Box' stores which may or may not succeed.

    Its been Morris Reeves and Conant in the background the entire time. Of course, they had help. Conant has his conflict of interests with his hired help physician Presley and a few others who were just inexplicably confused or bullied to give a 'yes' vote as well.

    As I have said before, connect the dots. Reeves and Conant have gotten their chosen administrator hired to push their agenda to totally destroy the college. Don't blame the administrators. They are only doing what they were hired to do and they only have to listen to the majority rule of the board. Of course most of this occurs in executive session so much of this is never revealed to the public.

    Now comes the primary election and Reeves and Conant has their new group. In on the oligarchy club is Gary Harshberger and Kathy Ramsour.

    Now I won't delve anymore into Harshberger's well-known and misguided approval of the FHSU takeover and instead I will give a little anecdote for their new initiate Kathy Ramsour.

    Good ol' Kathy Ramsour has decided to align herself with the Reeves/Conant oligarchy which by default means she is all for the FHSU takeover and every other idiotic initiative the DC Chamber has to destroy the college for their 'Big Box' store ambitions.

    A while back I sat in on some interviews where Ramsour was the focus. She was blustering to the people she was interviewing. She would begin the conversation with 'You know everyone calls me 'Double Bee' you know? The people she was interviewing would give this confused look; not understanding what the hell she was talking about. After this Kathy Ramsour would always respond "Blonde B!tch".

    Yeah I was astonished too at this dialogue. I was thinking 'This is the best that USD 443 has to offer?!' Here is this supposedly highly educated school administrator who takes pride in being called 'Blonde B!tch'. She took solace in this and thought by revealing this moniker, it would intimidate those she was interviewing. I was not impressed.

    Its been my observation that good leaders do so by not intimidating others but by working to gain a consensus. It is unfortunate for anyone who is under her management structure and has to be subjected to her 'Double B!tch' management techniques. You don't go around and intimidate people and take perverse pride in such a moniker. Sorry, you don't unless you are one of the egotistical kind of megalomaniacs such as Gary Harshberger who wants to bully the rest of any dissenting Trustees.

    So, now Kathy Ramsour wants undoubtedly bring her 'Double B-Blonde B!tch' facade to the DC3 Board of Trustees. Well she couldn't have picked a worse group of anti-college trustees to buddy up with.

    No that certainly doesn't work for me and it doesn't work for effective democratic leadership at DC3.

    Kathy Ramsour won't be getting my vote. She can go back to Northwest School and be a Blonde B!tch to her employees and not at DC3.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2017
  2. Daredevil

    Daredevil Well-Known Member

    Ramsour knew nothing about the college at the forum, and used tried and true administrative speak. She trumpeted the use of iPads in instruction, an experiment that already had failed at the college.
    Reeves claimed he was fooled by Woodburn at the forum. He claims to know numbers, but could not understand if the initial donations did not meet expectations with no real donations for the dome after that it was a burden? He also in essence with Conant voted for an athletics only facility. Yes I know they may have put the fitness center in there but it was an afterthought.
    Harshberger bankrupts a 96 million dollar business before it starts, and investors never really were able to recoup any money and he thinks he is a leader. He screams at Malone for stopping the college being dissolved for the FHSU fallacy.
    Conant has lied constantly and let the Ford county scholarship disappear. It is back now, but good luck actually seeing them awarded to all that should receive them. He and Reeves with Floris Jean clearly think the public is too stupid to notice when they try to present the President's evaluation of his vote of no confidence.
    I am elated they outed themselves yesterday in the ad that alludes to statements that are impossibly false.
  3. Coffeedeux

    Coffeedeux Well-Known Member

    The FHSU takeover and the current mess are two separate issues, I think. The white paper takeover would have destroyed the college. Malone and his minions are destroying it in another way. I guess take your pick.
    Jamey likes this.
  4. Blitzen

    Blitzen New Member

    I don't get it. How is Malone destroying the college?
  5. Coffeedeux

    Coffeedeux Well-Known Member

    Somehow everyone and their dog has been sued by Peter Antosh since Malone has been on the Board. He was for the land sale then against it and riles people up for no apparent reason with no apparent outcome in mind.
  6. Daredevil

    Daredevil Well-Known Member

    Let's see the land sale certainly was not even remotely adequate in the pay for the mland, and long term sets precedents for the loss of all the land which was the original plan. Seems to me the point of being a trustee is to protect the college.
    If the Antosh law suit is in reference to the student kicked out of school for 4 years for saying the president should resign sign then that would be a service to the constitution. Freedom of speech should not be limited like that and unjustified use of power needs to stop out there. I have heard that the only thing that was used against the student was the president said he was scared without a rationale. I am glad some lawyer in town stepped up to the plate and will actualLy represent someone without th out huge money resources.
    How many more suits are there? I have heard of open record requests being denied without any attempt to fulfill them, but I have not heard what they entail.. Is that another lawsuit? If so then just release the information what is being hid? What are the other lawsuits?
  7. Coffeedeux

    Coffeedeux Well-Known Member

    Very interesting. I guess we'll see how it shakes out.

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