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Muslim Somalian Drug Dealers in Dodge City Now

Discussion in 'In The News' started by THE COMMANDER, Sep 25, 2010.


    THE COMMANDER Gold Member

    Looks like the Somalian Muslims in Dodge have a new occupation in Dodge. Drug dealing.

    Six arrested on suspicion of possessing khat - Dodge City, KS - Dodge City Daily Globe

    Najib Khalif, Mohamed Mohamud, Abdifatah Sahal, Hanad A. Mohomed, Mustafe A. Mohamed and Mahad Jama at 1300 1/2 Fourth Ave.

    DEA Briefs & Background, Drugs and Drug Abuse, Drug Descriptions, Khat
    Khat | Qat | What is Khat?
    Khat Fast Facts
    Everything about <i>Qat/khat/kat</i>

    Looks like this is a drug of choice with methamphetamine effects originating from East African/Middle East Muslim countries. These people have brought their drug here now.

    I did a little digging about Khat in Dodge City and I discovered this is not the first time these Muslims have gotten in trouble with drug possession in Dodge City.

    KBI: Offender Registry
    Arrest involves little-known drug

    Have you seen this Muslim at Walmart at night? I have. He is a drug dealer!

    View attachment 3573

    Dodge City certainly is not the little town I formerly knew it to be.

    How so much in Dodge City has changed for the worse.

    Where there are illegal drugs, often times there are illegal guns. As citizens we need to be vigilant and always mind our surroundings. Being ignorant or complacent to the fact that there is filth being brought into this town by these people and others will not help us.

    We live in a potentially dangerous town now. Our police are strapped to enforce and protect this community. Therefore, we must be ready to defend ourselves. Against drug dealers like this.

    I live very close to Somalians. Believe you me, I will be ready.

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  2. Lucky

    Lucky Well-Known Member

    This is odd. Like de ja vu' Wasnt there several Somalians arrested for this exact drug about a year ago? I had to check the date of the story because I thought I had heard about this a long time ago...it was in Dodge City and it was the khat drug

    THE COMMANDER Gold Member

    Yeah this just came out in todays paper.

    However, I did reference the former case with the fellow shown in my post.

    This is a growing problem.

    We as CITIZENS need to be vigilant against this threat to our society and way of American life.
  4. midgetlover

    midgetlover Active Member

    Im pretty sure that Khat is not high on the list of things to worry about in the City.

    Meth is by far and away the worst problem we have here.
  5. Gypsy

    Gypsy Well-Known Member

    Good idea! Let's just not worry about anything!
  6. Ma_Kin

    Ma_Kin Senior Member

    That meth is some nasty stuff. Never have figured out why anyone would do that to their brain. It is sad to see people get so hooked on something so bad for them.
  7. Monster

    Monster Senior Member

    I guess they aren't getting much out of them. In Saturday's Globe in the classifieds the police department is advertising for an English-Somalian translator.

    THE COMMANDER Gold Member

    After the arrest, I was told the court house and yard was full of Muslim women. I presume it was in protest of the arrests.

    Probably all of the criminals wives.
  9. K C Muffin

    K C Muffin Gold Member

    Just for fun, let's try something. Let's refer to people by their nationality and not their religion. Not everyone in Somalia or the middle east is Muslim. It's confusing.
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  10. eunuch

    eunuch Well-Known Member

    What a novel idea. The Christian missionaries in Somalia would agree. But COMMANDER has spoken, and he/she /it knows the facts.
  11. aft_lizard01

    aft_lizard01 Well-Known Member

    Actually almost everyone, literally is Muslim in Somalia by law.
    With very few exceptions, Somalis are entirely Muslims,[179] the majority belonging to the Sunni branch of Islam and the Shafi`i school of Islamic jurisprudence, although some are also adherents of the Shia Muslim denomination.[180] Sufism, the mystical dimension of Islam, is also well-established, with many local jama'a (zawiya) or congregations of the various tariiqa or Sufi orders.[181] The constitution of Somalia likewise defines Islam as the religion of the Somali Republic, and Islamic sharia as the basic source for national legislation.[182]

    Christianity is a minority religion in Somalia, with no more than 1,000 practitioners in a population of over eight million inhabitants.[184] There is one diocese for the whole country, the Diocese of Mogadishu, which estimates that there were only about 100 Catholic practitioners in Somalia in 2004.[185]
  12. Gambler

    Gambler Well-Known Member

    This is the second time that the Somalian's have been caught selling the drugs in Dodge City. "That we know of." It's time to have these dealers deported. If you don't contribute to our country "GO HOME".
  13. WizardofOz

    WizardofOz Well-Known Member

    Regardless of a persons nationality or religion, there are always the criminals hiding somewhere in the group. Triads, mafia, etc....doesn't matter. There is always going to be a group of people trying to better their lives by being honorable people and others trying to exploit their own people. Besides, with all the other narcotics floating around the country, here comes an exciting new drug the regulars haven't tried yet. They saw a need...and filled a need. Now just one more problem amongst others to deal with.

    I'm not really familiar with Khat, but is it something that is produced locally, or primarily imported?
  14. old timer

    old timer Well-Known Member

    this is about as dumb as arresting people for eating weed. We are dumb. We do not need to be worried about people chewing leaves. Lawyers rule the US, clearly.
  15. WizardofOz

    WizardofOz Well-Known Member

    I think that the whole issue with the government banning it, like marijuana or moon shine, is not being able to adequately tax it.

    THE COMMANDER Gold Member

    I think the issue of the government banning illegal narcotics is because these banned substances are scientifically proven to be harmful.

    Tobacco and alcohol (although just as toxic) are the only exceptions because it is so embedded into our society as an addiction and industry.
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  17. old timer

    old timer Well-Known Member

    Right, just like medical maijana, right ?!? So in this "land of the free" there are leafs I can not chew ?

    Tobacco and alcohol kill millions, but lawyers and politicos make money from them. And over all, being in jail is much more harmful than chewing a leaf.
  18. agnostic

    agnostic Senior Member

    So is this a drug problem, or a Muslim/Somali immigration problem?
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  19. agnostic

    agnostic Senior Member

    Horribly flawed logic.

    For a conspiracy zealot, I'm surprised you are not more well read about US drug policies. To say they are banned ONLY because they are harmful is a fallacy. Further, any other drug industry (pharmaceuticals helloooo) has the capability of being "embedded" into our "society as an addiction and industry."
  20. gadwall

    gadwall Gold Member

    narcotics were legal until the early 20th century. we need to look at why they were banned and not regulated and taxed.

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