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Police Scanner

Discussion in 'Helpdesk' started by morajic, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. morajic

    morajic Well-Known Member

    I think the police scanner app is a really good feature of this site. How does it work? Does Admin have a scanner at home that he inputs to his computer and digitally streams? ​
    Also, what would it take to get a scanner for the Sheriff band? They are two separate frequencies, and we do not hear any of the sheriff stuff on the police scanner.​
  2. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator Staff Member

    One of our members hosts the scanners and provides us the stream.

    The sheriff's band is already on the scanners. It should come out of your right speaker, along with EMS, Fire, etc. The left speaker should output the DCPD.
  3. Ma_Kin

    Ma_Kin Senior Member

    So THAT is why it sounded so weird last night! I was like wow they are somehow talking over each other! Good thing to know!
  4. morajic

    morajic Well-Known Member

    I had the unfortunate privelage of having the sheriff dept pay me a visit a while back. I turned on the scanner stream and nothing they were saying and hearing on the radio came across the scanner. I was just playing it from my laptop speaker, so its possible it was only playing one side. Ill have to check.

    Are there any bands that are "secure" that we can't hear on the conventional scanner?
  5. Tee

    Tee Gold Member

    1B is a channel that nobody can get unless you have one of their radios. I think there are actually more channels that are secure channels.
  6. morajic

    morajic Well-Known Member

    What stops us from using a frequency scanner to pick them up. Do the radios modulate the signal or something? Im sure it can be hacked legally even if it is.
  7. Tee

    Tee Gold Member

    Encryption key

    That's why they don't like to lose police radio's. Because if someone found one, they would have the encryption key and every radio would need to be reprogrammed with a new encryption key.

    It is illegal to monitor any radio transmission that is intended to be private or to construct a device that would monitor private communications such as telephone frequencies or encrypted police communications.

    That being said, some nerds do it. That's why more and more police are using cellphones which are now digital. The digital handshake that is inherent between the device and the tower make it virtually impossible to monitor by someone not in the NSA.

    Within the next few years, most large towns will be using police radios that use the same technology as cellphones. Then if a radio is unaccounted for, they can simply disable it at the CO via the ESN.

    This will undoubtedly put scanner companies out of business as listeners would only be able to listen to buses, taxis and other analog signals.
    morajic likes this.
  8. dodgehighforeve

    dodgehighforeve Senior Member

    Last I knew, channel B was only installed in vehicles, and not on portables. Then again, this was a few years ago. On my scanner, when I was still in town, it would come across as static when they used it.
  9. morajic

    morajic Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info Tee. I find it ironic that now that they can do warrantless wiretaps, their own concern for privacy has grown.
    THE COMMANDER likes this.
  10. Monster

    Monster Senior Member

    I like to think that it has everything to do with some calls requiring discretion, mostly so as not to tip off the criminals that they police are on their way, or so as not to reveal some important detail (like a name or location) that could be detrimental to them or the victim.

    I've lost count of the number of cop shows I've watched where they determine the location of the bad guy(s) then you see them rushing to apprehend said bad guy(s), sirens blazing to let them know they are coming. Yes, I know, it's so they can drive fast and go through red lights, but all the same, sometimes a sneak approach might work better!
    Highwayman likes this.
  11. morajic

    morajic Well-Known Member

    It would be interesting to get scanners for the National Beef and Cargill radios. You'd be surprised by some of the stuff that goes on.
  12. it_wasnt_me

    it_wasnt_me New Member

    Where on this site is the scanner

    THE COMMANDER Gold Member

    It is all about the government concentrating their own power and stripping the public of theirs. When the government is not transparent, the system will be (and is) ripe for abuse.

    Ever hear of the so-called PATRIOT ACT?
  14. Ma_Kin

    Ma_Kin Senior Member

    Click the forum tab...its on the right hand side a little over halfway down.
  15. Tee

    Tee Gold Member

    Just don't navigate away from the forum page, otherwise you disconnect. What I do is leave that tab alone and start a new tab to read posts or browse other sites.
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  16. it_wasnt_me

    it_wasnt_me New Member

    ok thx
  17. beentheredonethat

    beentheredonethat Active Member

    How do I get it to play on my iPad?

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