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Primary Election

Discussion in 'USD 443 and DCCC' started by Coffeedeux, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Coffeedeux

    Coffeedeux Well-Known Member

    Will be some interesting races. Surely the DC3 has some policy that does not allow family members of a faculty member to be on the board? Seems like a conflict of interest because the board member is supposed to do what is best for DC3, but what if that would mean a negative result for their family member?
  2. Daredevil

    Daredevil Well-Known Member

    Let's see. The one employee of the board is the President the way I have understood it. So conflicts of interest would be say something like the President showing up multiple times a month for pool parties for current board members, taking board members to movies, or coming so personal that a member loses the ability to think independently. Staff and faculty would not be directly employed by the board, and obviously USD 443 has had several instances of people serving on the board that had relatives employed in such a manner. There are ways just like with the Supreme Court, and our own City commission that I have witnessed excuse themselves from a vote. I see where you are going with this you see a couple of the candidates with employee ties would seem likely to not support Nolte who despite all evidence you seem to support without reservations. No evidence even tape recordings, open meeting violations, and selling off lands at ridiculously disadvantageous terms tithe college that were obtained by eminent domain will dissuade your belief. At this point we need someone with some true knowledge of what is going on, and I think in one case you are talking about an ability to unravel the financial chicanery that seems to be used out their to pay for administrative salaries, and lots of travel.
  3. The Truth

    The Truth Member

    Some names to ponder!
    Anthony F. Bartello, Nick Wells, Bill Hammond, Pete Weil, Mia Schrader Korbelik, John E. Thomas, Dan Reichenborn.
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  4. Coffeedeux

    Coffeedeux Well-Known Member

    No, I just disagree with you about what and who the real problems at DC3 are. With the constant conflict between the administration, the board and the faculty, how could it not be uncomfortable for a faculty spouse to be on the board? I agree 100% there needs to be a financial roto rooter take place. Not as to administrator salaries (that's the least of the worries).
  5. DCSniper

    DCSniper Well-Known Member

    In the interview with the Daily Glob, the new AD Jacob Ripple left out 2 bits of interesting information.
    1. He worked at Blinn with President Notle - Nolte has brought in several former Blinn employment alums
    2. His uncle is a current DCCC Board of Trustee

    We had several well qualified individuals that applied for this AD position earlier in the year but they were turned down when A. John changed the education requirements midway through the interview process.
  6. Coffeedeux

    Coffeedeux Well-Known Member

    1. He has worked numerous places so judgment on his credentials is more than one spot along the way. If you pay any attention to the business world, athletics, education etc., people that get leadership jobs normally bring those they know with them.
    2. His uncle would like to get rid of athletics so not sure your point there. Plus, nepotism is not new at DC3. His uncle also wants to halt retail development to save some unused grass and trees.
  7. DCSniper

    DCSniper Well-Known Member

    So you are ok with nepotism as long as it is people who share your point of view? LOL
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  8. Coffeedeux

    Coffeedeux Well-Known Member

    No, I don't think the Ripple hire was nepotism based.
  9. Made in the USA

    Made in the USA Gold Member

    It sure would be nice if they had a forum or printed the candidates positions in the news, so we could all make up our mind on who to vote for.
  10. bornindc

    bornindc Member

    I would not call an orchard "unused trees" They WILL benefit the community once they are grown. I was happy to see them planted because I don't have the ground to grow my own.
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  11. Daredevil

    Daredevil Well-Known Member

    Who is Ripple related to on the board? It doesn't matter Coffee is a hypocrite as she just talked about a conflict of interest, if you were a board member and had relatives working at DCCC. So I guess what she is really saying is no Nepotism unless it agrees with want John, and Nolte want then it is okay.

    More on Ripple he started at GCCC under Swender...no surprise the Texas twosome have worked together even though they claim to be enemies quite a bit. He then moved to Blinn and worked in a position that assisted Harold Nolte when he manipulated a cheating charge against a student that ultimately got him fired. He is putting people around him who will blindly follow no matter how heinous the actions he asks are. They will hurt whomever he can if they get in his way including simple disagreement. Those people can be faculty, staff, or students. The last one is the most amazing of all. I have had Principles who got cross ways with a staff member or faculty members, but my administrators always need to be fair to students even those committing acts that violated the rules. Nolte has shown he will act whether violations have occurred or not, and he or his henchman/ woman have had no problem fabricating charges or just ignoring the need for any charges at all and acting.
  12. anonmaly

    anonmaly New Member

    Speaking of nepotism what of the audit showing nepotism and potential criminal actions of a former administrator in 2016? Figured there would be more activity here discussing it since it made headlines on all local/area news outlets. Anyone have any idea what's going on there?

    I'm sure we will have to let the county attorney review and legal process play out to know more details, but sounded pretty serious, I don't think dc3 has been in this many headlines since the FHSU merger ordeal.
  13. DCSniper

    DCSniper Well-Known Member

    Ripple is the nephew of Terry Malone.

    Now on to address "anonmaly". You have made these posts on here and no one has taken the bait. This is because the community is already aware of the BS tactics of this current DCCC Administration and Board of (Non) Trustees.

    I find it quite comical that Gary "(Un)Proven Leadership" Harshberger is out shouting (are the roids still in his system?) from the roof tops about nepotism when his wife is one of the financial advisors that handles the investments of the colleges 403(b) plan. I mean (sarcasm on) Harshberger has done so much in proving his leadership in the short 7 months that he has been in the unelected seat on the Board (sarcasm off). As far as he is concerned he should just get a pass to General Election.
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  14. anonmaly

    anonmaly New Member

    I'm not defending anything Gary said, sounds like he potentially had it wrong about radio station licensing and hadn't done due diligence, I'm not in a position to know. My main concern is the reports in relation to recent audit. Maybe allegations are unfounded, but sounds like due diligence is needed to make sure there wasn't any improper actions. I'm not for nepotism at ANY level.
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  15. anonmaly

    anonmaly New Member

    I'm also not on board for good ol boys tactics of Nolte hiring only his crew if that's the case either I think everything at dc3 needs to be transparent and beholden to will of taxpayers
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  16. Daredevil

    Daredevil Well-Known Member

    Harsh burger certainly was juiced up (almost violently excited) for a debate he did not prepare for. What kind of proven leadership is he referring to. The situation where his company went bankrupt before it started. The ethanol plant that took tax breaks and then never emerged. It went bankrupt yet Harshburger lost no money. Great leadership Gary.

    As for the article what a desperate attempt at character assignation from those with zero character. Notice they were willing to present the allegations but had no charges. That is because there is less than nothing there. This is to make Gillum look bad and timed to affect the primary. If they had serious gun charges the aft would be here. Strangely I am sure that the aft cares little about the terrifying gun site in question with very reasonable explanations. Not a fan of eepotism or the inbred hiring Nolte did but why was it in a criminal charge. It is not against the law. The HIgher Learning Council standards are as interpreted by Adam John. To show how ridiculous he is someone has told me he interprets HLC' s rules to mean that the engineering physics instructor cannot teach intermediate algebra since he is unqualified since he does not have credit hours saying specifically math.
    Last edited: Jul 16, 2017
  17. Daredevil

    Daredevil Well-Known Member

    Previous dodge board thread
    Involuntary bankruptcy sought against ethanol plant

    Boot Hill Biofuels, an ethanol plant that has faced delays and a lawsuit, has until Dec. 22 to respond to an involuntary bankruptcy petition filed by a creditor seeking repayment of a $750,000 investment.

    Biofuel Venture I made the loan more than two years ago to the proposed Ford County plant for start-up capital, but the plant has yet to break ground on construction.

    The group filed a Chapter 7 involuntary bankruptcy petition against Boot Hill Biofuels on Nov. 26 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Wichita. Chapter 7 is a liquidation bankruptcy.

    David Jones, an Amarillo, Texas, attorney representing Biofuel Venture I, said Tuesday that his client is negotiating with Boot Hill Biofuels.

    "We recognize, as any reasonable business person would, we're better served if we can avoid (the bankruptcy)," Jones said. "We have a window here before the bankruptcy process takes over."

    In 2006, a group of Ford County investors and Liberal-based Conestoga Energy Partners announced plans to build an ethanol plant near Wright, which is just north of Dodge City. Plans call for an annual capacity of 110 million gallons.

    A lawsuit filed by a group of Wright residents opposing the plant because of water usage was rejected by a Dodge City judge in March 2007.

    Construction was to begin in June 2007. But a request by the developers for a one-year extension on permits because of economic conditions was granted by the Ford County Commission in November 2007.

    County Commissioner Terry Williams said the plant is still on hold.

    "They're kind of sitting on it," Williams said. "They haven't said they're not going to build."

    Williams said he was unaware of the creditor filing the bankruptcy petition.

    Gary Harshberger, a Ford County farmer and president of Boot Hill Biofuels, and Conestoga chief executive Tom Willis did not return phone calls.

    Plans are also on hold for a second ethanol plant near Dodge City.

    Dial Ford County Bio Renewable Fuels, the project of an Omaha-based company, received County Commission approval in April 2007 to build a plant in Howell that would produce 113 million gallons of ethanol a year.

    Although Dial's plans to begin construction in July 2007 have long since passed, Williams said it's his understanding the plant will still be built.

    "Dial had everything going until grain prices blew them out of the saddle," Williams said.

    Meanwhile, Friday is the deadline for bids to be submitted to buy a bankrupt ethanol plant in Pratt.

    Minneapolis-based investment bank Dougherty Funding has submitted a bid of $59.93 million to buy Gateway Ethanol.

    If a bid higher than that is submitted by Friday, a live auction would be conducted Monday.

    U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Dale Somers will hear objections to the sale at a Dec. 18 hearing.

    On Aug. 31, Gateway reported assets of $95.7 millon and liabilities of $95.4 million. The plant shut down shortly after beginning to produce some ethanol in October 2007.
  18. hugz

    hugz Arcade Moderator

    Quick note...Ripple actually started as the women's basketball coach at GCCC in 2006 while Swender was president at Frank Phillips.
  19. whatever

    whatever Well-Known Member

    Gary Harshburger, Avoid doing business with him, avoid electing him, avoid being near him.
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  20. DCSniper

    DCSniper Well-Known Member

    I agree 100%.

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