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School Lunches

Discussion in 'USD 443 and DCCC' started by HD Deluxe, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. HD Deluxe

    HD Deluxe Active Member

    Just out of curiosity, I wanted to see what area schools are charging for school lunches. According to a letter from our district, (Bucklin), Lunch prices for next year are as follows:

    Grades k-4 2.25 per meal 45.00 for 20 meals
    Grades 5-8 2.40 per meal 48.00 for 20 meals Up 4.00/mo from last year

    Reduced is .40 per meal 8.00 for 20 meals

    2.40 per meal is still not too bad.

    However, in one of the paragraphs, it reads: " Payment for meals is to be made prior to service. Families are encouraged to make application for free and reduced priced meals so accounts can be credited appropriately".

    What's that telling me here? That if I pay full price for my kids meal that they can't keep track of it?? Easier for them? Are we being encouraged to participate is something we don't want to?

    Maybe I am reading something into it, maybe not. I will see what the school says.
  2. Goober

    Goober Active Member

    Just looks to me like they want to avoid kids eating lunches that haven't been paid for yet so they don't have to try to collect later. If you are going to apply for free or reduced pricing, they ask that you do that before hand so they don't have to go back and recalculate at a later date, after your child has already been eating at full price. They would have to go back and adjust the balance. I don't see anything in what you posted that says you have to be the one to keep track, but it prolly wouldn't hurt to do that anyway!

    Maybe I don't read it like you are because I only see part of it?
  3. HD Deluxe

    HD Deluxe Active Member

    other than saying that meal payment is essential to cashflow, that is all of the paragraph. The next paragraph talks about charging meals, delinquent accounts, etc.

    Just hit me wrong. They do notify you when your kid's account is low for the month.

    The wording just made it sound like they are trying to sell something. I know they have to chase their share of deliquent parents, but......
  4. DCFan

    DCFan Senior Member

    At DCHS if a kid can't pay for their lunch they get at sack lunch with a peanut butter/jelly sandwich, an apple and a cookie. They are not going to let any kid go hungry.
  5. sunshine

    sunshine Gold Member

    our kids can have a negative balance on their lunch account of -$5.00. After that, they get a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.
    our lunches were $2.50 last year (upper grades). haven't heard yet if they will go up again this year.
  6. 357 mag

    357 mag Senior Member

    Last year I paid $32 a month for my daughter's lunches, which was $1.60 a day. I'm sure it will raise this year, but we don't find any of that out until enrollment when we pay for the cards.
  7. Justoo

    Justoo Well-Known Member

    Lot of peanut allergies out there. Wonder what they do in that case? Bologna?

    VIKING New Member


    Think we used to take sandwiches made of homemade bread
    and spread with lard.

    Paid for and prepared by the parents.

    On a good day we got an apple (if in season)

    Times change

    Have a good day

    KONQ RADIO New Member

    I like my lard deep fat fried.
  10. Made in the USA

    Made in the USA Gold Member

    In that case, they just get the Salmonella w/o the peanut butter----:D----Oh, and an E. Coli for dessert. :rolleyes:
  11. Justoo

    Justoo Well-Known Member

    Nothing like a frozen E.Coli and a walk on the beach.
  12. U4IASTRM

    U4IASTRM New Member

    Mr. Jackson and his bologna sandwiches in 8th grade ISS.

    No kids old enough to pay for lunches yet. Still at 2.40 for a lunch that is healthier than the dollar menu at mcdonalds is still a bargain to me.
  13. Overlord5

    Overlord5 New Member

    as a student at DCHS, the food can be good, and it can be disgusting!
    somedays i cant even tell what the food is supposed to be
  14. U4IASTRM

    U4IASTRM New Member

    True, I do remember those days too. Instead of using used books, they cut costs on the food first.

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