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For Sale [sold] Garrett Freedom 1 Coin Commander Metal Detector $75

Discussion in 'The Tradin Post' started by Detector, Feb 26, 2012.

  1. Detector

    Detector Gold Member

    I have for sale a nice Garrett Freedom 1 Coin Commander metal detector for $75. I am selling it for what I paid because I just wanted to pass on a great buy to someone who might be looking to get in to metal detecting at a good price. Detector works great and would make a great first detector.


    Power/Detection Depth Control:

    Rotate knob clockwise to turn detector on. Further rotation increases detection depth.

    Trash Elimination Control:

    This full range adjustment control allows you to determine the junk items you wish to eliminate from detection.

    Ground Elimination Control:

    Permits adjustment to eliminate the effects of earth iron minerals.

    Audio Control:

    Select the desired threshold sound level with this control.

    Master Control Switch:

    (End of handle.) This switch selects operating modes and retunes the detector. (1) Press left and release to select Manually Adjustable Ground Elimination All-Metal Mode. (2) Press right and release to select the Automated Ground/Trash Elimination Mode. (3) Press left and hold to select the Electronic Pinpointing Mode. (4) Each time the switch is pressed left or right, the detector retunes to the pre-selected audio level.

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